Detoxing Through Lifestyle Changes

I believe that detoxing is an ongoing process for life. You are exposed to toxins on a daily basis and so need to help your body deal with these toxins so that they don’t accumulate in your system. When they accumulate they cause all kinds of health problems and diseases. You need to eat healthy, try as much as possible to live in a chemical and toxin free environment and exercise.

Eating Healthy

As much as possible cut out all processed foods, fast foods and junk foods from your diet. Eat foods as fresh and as natural as possible. Don’t eat refined sugar and even limit healthy sugars such as real maple syrup and honey. Stop drinking sodas, especially diet sodas. Diet sodas have synthetic sugars that are very toxic. You should only drink a limited amount of coffee or caffeine (one to two cups a day), instead drink lot’s of water and herbal teas. If you don’t have a blood sugar problem, drinking freshly made vegetable and fruit juices can be very cleansing. Get your own juicer or buy juices at your local health food store.

Your diet should consist of primarily fresh vegetables and fruits (very cleansing), nuts and seeds (good fiber content), whole grains, eggs and low fat meats. When possible buy organic and free range meats and eggs. It’s not only healthier for you but more humane for the animals as well. You cleanse your body by not eating toxic foods and by giving your body foods that build up the body and not tear it down. Vegetables are probably the best food you can eat for detoxing and nutritional value.

Don’t be afraid to use saturated oils. They too can be very good for you. Good saturated oils include
natural butter and organic coconut oil. Other good fats are extra virgin olive oil, which is great for liver health, and flaxseed oil. Don’t listen to those who tell you that fat is bad. Bad fat is bad but good fat is highly beneficial.

Detoxing Your Environment

There are so many chemicals and toxins we are exposed daily in our homes, where we work, in traffic and in the foods we eat. One of the main ways to detoxify the body is to eliminate as many toxins as you can out of your environment. If you are exposed to fewer toxins, your body obviously will have much less to deal with and can function better.

Toxic products in your house are dish washing soaps, laundry soaps, dryer sheets, so called air fresheners, cleaning products, etc. You are also exposed to highly toxic chemicals in your cosmetics, perfumes, deodorants and other toiletries. There are natural products for every chemically based product you use. You can find them at health food stores or on the Internet. I use Seventh Generation for most of my cleaning products. They have everything you need for the home.

There is not much you can do about detoxing your workplace. You may not have any control. I worked in a print shop exposed to chemicals all day long for nine years. It is probably the major reason I became chronically ill. Research ways you can decrease exposure to toxins at work. Ask your boss if he has any ideas and work with him to improve your environment. You may get to the point where you just have to quit. It’s not worth keeping your job if you end up chronically ill.


Exercise is important in detoxing your body for two very good reasons:

The body gets rid of toxins through the skin when you sweat. Sweating is one of the best detoxing pathways, especially for transporting heavy metals out of the body.

Exercise can also stimulate the lymphatic system to work more efficiently. Rebounding exercise — bouncing on a mini-trampoline — can increase lymph flow as much as 15 times. The lymphatic system collects and destroys toxins, bacteria and abnormal cells. Because it does not have a pump like the cardiovascular system, it relies on the movement of the body and muscles to keep it flowing.

You need to learn to think long term. The way you eat and the way you treat your body now may have long term effects. Eventually your body will experience symptoms of overload that may take years to fix.