Destressing with Aromatherapy

It’s about time you experience the power of aromatherapy especially its stress-relieving benefits. Read on and find out how aromatic therapy eases you out of stress holistically, clinically and aesthetically. Discover how each method gives you the peace and tranquility your body needs.

The Essence of Aromatic Oils

At the heart of aromatic therapy are the essential oils which are extracted from different plants in three ways: steam distillation, cold press and absolute extraction.

The last method is used only when the plants or flowers could not survive the other two methods. To extract oils from citrus fruits, the cold press method is used while steam distillation is usually applied for extracting oils on plants and the different parts of a plant.

Holistic Havens

You should be familiar with the holistic method of aromatic therapy especially if you ever had a massage from a masseuse using essential oils. This is the most popular method of aromatic therapy. The infusion of the oils’ scent, how it gets absorbed into your skin plus the deep tissue massage is enough to give your body a much needed revival from stress.

Not only does this method relieve you off stress, it is actually good for your immune system too. Stress usually leaves you with a weakened immune system and aromatic therapy builds up your immune system by stimulating the brain’s chemicals so that it fights away infection.

Clinical Concoction

The clinical method of aroma therapy is applied together with traditional medicine. The way it’s done can change from one country to another. In the US, one of the most common ways it is used is through dentistry. It’s been found out that having the smell of lavender in waiting rooms relaxes a patient before dental surgery. The scent of lavender also helps in the relief of some serious diseases and even childbirth by providing a relaxing environment.

Aesthetic Infusions

Aesthetic aromatic therapy involves the use of essential oils in burners, diffusers and even the bath. This kind of therapy can be used by anyone. Some people even get bath salts, beads and shower gels for a heightened experience. These special products have essential oils in them and give the same relaxing and soothing effect on the skin and body. Even candles have essential oils and combining it with scented bath products will give you the best relaxing experience yet.

How It Works

There are different methods of aromatic therapy which gives nothing but the ultimate stress relief. By using scents from essential oils, aromatic therapy affects a person’s mood, which in turn affects the body.

As the nose inhales the scents coming from the essential oils, the olfactory receptors transmit the information to the limbic system. This system is the place where our emotions are processed. It is said that aromatic therapy helps in stimulating the brain so that it releases chemicals that make you relax. This process is what makes aromatic therapy relieve you off stress.

Treat Yourself

There are different ways you can experience the true bliss of aromatherapy. You can visit a spa and inquire about their different services. Choose the option that will benefit you the most. You can also buy a home aromatic therapy kit. These usually come with burners or oil diffusers plus instructions on how to use it.

Or you can get yourself an assortment of different bath products with essential oils and experiment to find out what works best for you.