Dessert Wine Gift Basket

When you are choosing a wine gift you may want to consider creating a unique and personalized gift by creating a dessert wine basket. Dessert wines are sweet wines that are served with desserts or even added to the recipes. This would certainly make a sweet wine gift option for almost any occasion.

The definition of a dessert wine will vary depending on which country it is made in but true dessert wines have some common features. This type of wine is usually made with late harvested grapes so that fruit has a higher concentration of naturally ripened sugars. Often it will become even sweeter by stopping the fermentation process prior to all of the sugars being converted to alcohol.

The United States confuses many people by defining dessert wines as being a fortified wine containing at least 14% alcohol. This puts many wines in the classification of dessert wine that have no business being there. Most dessert wines from other countries have lower alcohol contents making them more appropriate to serve with dessert.

A high quality dessert wine can be a stand alone gift as well as an addition to a gift basket. Dessert wines are often sold in smaller than standard bottles which makes them fit into a nice basket easily.

Dessert wines include the common sherries and ports to more exotic names like Tokaji Aszu, Vin Doux Naturel and ice wines. Many common dessert wines can be purchased with a limited budget but some, like ice wines, are only available to the wealthy.

Dessert wines come in two major types just like regular table wines. White dessert wines are best served chilled just as a good white Chardonnay should be. Red dessert wines, on the other hand, will offer their best flavors at room temperature, similar to a fine Merlot. Both dessert wine types are especially well suited to serving with fresh fruit or baked goods such as sweet rolls.

Getting creative and personal with your wine gift basket will help you create a gift that will long be remembered. Try pairing gourmet chocolates with a good robust red dessert wine for a fantastical taste extravaganza. Or a lovely bottle of white dessert wine nestled amidst a basket of perfectly ripened fruits. You could purchase gift certificates to the local bakery so the person would be able to choose their favorite pastries to go with their new dessert wine.

For that extra special touch to your wine gift, include some personalized accessories to round off the basket. Wine glasses and corkscrews are always useful. Purchase or create a themed wine charm set that suits the personality of the recipient. Perhaps you could place a variety of dessert wines in the basket and tie them together with a big gold bow. What a festive presentation to an excellent and thoughtful wine gift!

So the next time you want to purchase a gift of wine, why not go off the beaten path and choose dessert for your theme? This is a memorable and unique gift for anyone with a sweet tooth.