Desire, The Impulse of Life, The Promise of Purpose!

Are you ready…
…To step into your greatness?

Are you living your purpose full out? Are you connecting with and expressing your desires?

Your Soul Purpose is a key aspect of your Greatness. And it is the area of your greatest potential, fulfillment and impact.

Desire is also a key element of Greatness.And it is an exquisite spiritual path to your purpose.

Let’s take a look at how this works.

As a unique expression of Spirit, your Soul Purpose is your unique expression of the Divine Purpose – more Life and Life Abundant. It came with you and it comes through you.

The unique and exquisite tapestry of all that you are serves your Soul Purpose. And whatever your Soul Purpose may be, you can be sure it serves more Life and Life Abundant.

There are many paths to discovering your Soul Purpose. Such as the reflections of others who have seen in you what you haven’t yet seen in yourself, what you secretly yearn to be and do, the things that come easily to you and what you are naturally drawn to. One professional path is a
Life Purpose Hand Analysis.

And then there is Desire. Desire is a spiritual path to your purpose filled with the Life Force energy that creates the experience of exquisite aliveness.

What Desire is Not.

Desire is not an urge to “get” something. Seeking to “get” comes from a consciousness of lack, scarcity and limitation. This is out of alignment with the nature of Life and the Divine Purpose of more Life, Life Abundant.

You are not here on the planet “to get” anything…You already have everything. You are here to realize who you really are, that you already have everything and to give out from the abundance of this truth.

What is Desire?

Desire is the impulse of life for new and greater expression through you.

It is a spiritual gift that speaks through your heart. That leads you to the joyful experience and expression of who you really are, and to the unfolding and fulfillment of the purpose that only you can fill.

Desire is an impulse for the expression of the Desire itself. The Desire holds the seeds for its own fulfillment. Within it lives the inspiration for each next action. The Desire expressed gives birth to Life Abundant and the experience of greater Aliveness.

True Desire is the impulse to create and give out from the gifts you have been given. The more you create and give out, the more Life flows through you. You soon find yourself giving out from the overflow of who you are and from what lives inside of you.

When you express that which is within you – your gifts, desires and purpose; the truth of who you really are – you fill up and spill over from the inside, like an endless waterfall…

The Divine Purpose, the Promise of Life fulfilling in and through you…

Step Into Your Greatness!
Express your desires and live your purpose full out!