Desire Good Things For Others And Good Things Will Happen

So, the person who is desiring to get a new sports car, beautiful wife, etc. is simply exhausting the fruits of his previous pious activities. If he knew this he would be more careful about his desires! This is the same concept Krishna describes in the Gita when he describes the plight of the souls who go to the heavenly planets because their good karma has bought them a vacation there.

When their good Karma runs out they get kicked out of heaven and have to come back here. But, what about the devotee’s desires? A devotee has no bad or good karma. All karma bad and good is eradicated even by namabhasa chanting.

Krishna reciprocates with devotees’ desires, but He will only fulfill those desires that are helpful to the devotee’s spiritual progress. So, it is important for devotees to have proper desires and the stronger the devotional desire is the quicker that desire will be fulfilled.

What is a desire? Oftentimes we confuse thoughts with desires, or we confuse wishes with desires. A desire is something you really want with your heart and soul. Of course there are degrees of intensity of desires. When someone wants something with great intensity that is called in Sanskrit laulyam (or intense greed).

Tatra laulyam ekalam mulam; Prabhupada describes this intense greed for pure devotional service as the "best path available." How do we develop this intense greed? In the material world greed is developed by the process of thinking, feeling and willing. In other words we think of something (take some food like pizza for example).

The more we think about(contemplate) that sense object the more we get attached to it. Then we begin to feel that object of our senses. In the case of pizza we begin to salivate and almost taste it as we are visualizing our interacting with that object.

Then the stage of willing comes where the desire is so intense, we act. In Krishna consciousness, we contemplate Krishna, His Pastimes, His devotees, and His service, etc all in a very positive joyous way. This is very important.

If we are negative we are meditating on a negative and this is what we will get-a negative. In other words if we are contemplating giving up this or not thinking about that we will develop a stronger attachment to this or that by that negative contemplation.

After contemplation of Krishna in a positive way we enter the stage of feelings. What does that mean? We picture ourselves the way we want to be. Just like the person who really wants a new sports car will envision himself seated at the driver’s seat zooming down the highway with the top down.

So, we picture (visualize) ourselves performing the nine processes of bhakti with great attention and devotion. We visualize ourselves as enthusiastic preachers. We visualize ourselves as humble servants of our spiritual master.

Of course when we come to the stage of Raganuga Bhakti the visualizations and meditations change. But, the principle is the same. When you picture yourself in this way, the intensity of your desire will increase. Not only can you picture yourself in this way, you can also picture others as advanced Vaisnavas.

Your expectation for them will shape them too. Not only because the expectation will be communicated by you, but also because if you are a real Vaisnava and you desire some good fortune for someone else, Krishna will reciprocate with your intense desire.

One example of this can be found in Srila Prabhupada’s pastimes is that when he arrived in the United States he had a vision of 108 temples. His meditation was so intense that he understood that these temples already existed. He expressed this very clearly when he stated: "We have 108 temples. Only time separates us."

He also envisioned devotees, books, sankirtan parties, and the rest. His vision became a physical reality. Krishna fulfills the desires of His pure devotees. We need to develop an intense internal vision and an intense external (the entire world taking up Krishna consciousness) vision of Krishna consciousness. These wishes will come true. Krishna will fulfill them. When our meditation/vision is harmonious with Krishna’s desires, success is sure.