Desirable Characteristics of B2B Messaging

The main interaction between companies when involved in B2B or business to business deals is that of exchanging documents or messages amongst themselves. Such documents form the basis of deals which involve activities such as import/export or global sourcing and are important as well as necessary for the whole process to move ahead.

In this article we shall discuss something about these messages and what sort of features should be there in ideal message exchange software so that the B2B or business to business deals including import/export and global sourcing flow in a streamlined manner thus benefiting all the concerned parties of the process.

The message exchange software or the message broker as it is popularly known, should have the capability to support real time, event driven, message oriented interactions. Such a feature provides global scalability for the company and in the future as the number of clients grows, the whole system will not collapse for want of adjustment on the larger scale. This is certainly a big advantage for all B2B or business to business deals and companies involved in import/export and global sourcing deals would like to adopt such a message broker which will grow along with them without causing any unnecessary hassles in the future regarding implementation or maintenance.

Message filtering is an important feature which ensures that only the right messages go to the right parties and any other messages which are not desirable or unwanted are not forcibly sent to anyone lest for the fear of offending that party or causing them unwanted nuisance to say the least. This allows for the messages to be delivered in an orderly manner which reduces both the strain on the subscribers as well as the load on computer resources which can then be utilized for more productive purposes in the B2B or business to business deals and concentrate on improving the import/export and global sourcing figures.

Load balancing is an important feature which ensures that no resource is unduly strained and that queues are shared by several different clients who manage the load according to the rush. It goes without saying that the use of load balancing goes a long way in improving the B2B or business to business processes and improves efficiency which can be beneficial for growth in terms of import/export and global sourcing deals.

Last but not least the security features of the message broker should be excellent and it should provide multi level security which would ensure the end to end integrity and delivery of the messages related to B2B or business to business transactions and thus ensuring thereby that all documents and messages related to import/export and global sourcing deals are exchanged safety and securely.