Designing Brochure Stands To Promote Your Business

Don’t see your brochure stands as just a table on which you put your brochures and other promotional literature. While the table can of course make the material available to passers by, you will be losing a great promotional opportunity unless you design your brochure stand as a brand-building and marketing tool.

Modern brochure stands, also known as literature display stands, are designed to draw the attention of passers-by more effectively and also to create a favorable impression about the organization that has put up the stand. Think of it this way. Which of the two below would impress you, a visitor?

  • An organization that has laid out all its brochures flat on a standard wooden table or
  • Another organization that has put up a glass covered display stand that also accommodates a number of attractive racks containing different types of information about their products and services

Which of the above is more likely to induce visitors pick up a brochure?

You will be getting the basic picture now. An attractive brochure stand will induce more people to pick up the literature, and will also make them feel more favorable to you even without reading the literature. In fact, the stand and the literature can act together to create a much greater impact than the literature by itself.

Modern brochure stands can blend in with the interior décor of posh offices instead of being an eyesore in an otherwise pleasing environment.

Brochure Stands and Brochure Stands

Brochure stands come in different shapes and sizes. Selecting the one that is just right for you is important. Don’t you think that a stand with most of the racks empty will create a rather unfavorable impression? Just as a stand with too few racks into each of which are crammed brochures for different products and/or services, confusing the prospective customer?

The following list will give you a preliminary idea of the range of choices available:

  • Wall or Counter Adjustable Pocket Holders
  • Curved – Convex Pamphlet Display Holders
  • Outdoor Rated Holders
  • Portable Brochure Holders
  • Wall Mount Holders
  • Wire Countertop Brochure Holders
  • Slat wall Kiosks Holders
  • Acrylic Brochure Holders
  • Ship Flat Cheap Holders
  • Economy Brochure Holders
  • Deluxe Brochure Holders
  • Combination Brochure Holders

While you might not immediately get a detailed idea of the special features of each of the different types, the list indicates that there are brochure holders that can be wall mounted or free standing, outdoor or indoor, economic or expensive, etc. There are stands made of metal, plastic, wood and wire.

You should identify your specific requirements and then check out the special features of the different types of brochure stands to select one that fits the requirements.

In addition to budget considerations, you should look at the place where the stand is going to be installed, the possibility of reusing it for other displays and the number of brochures you plan to put on the stand. For example, a stand that is quite noticeable in your reception room can be quite unnoticeable in a large exhibition hall with many brochure stands.

The placement of the brochure stand is also critical. If it is placed in a corner where few people pass by, enough brochures might not be picked up. You can use these stands to offer brochures, leaflets, corporate literature and other documents to be distributed to the public.