Designer Tips and Tricks for Incorporating Metallic Into a Home’s Decor

The use of metallics is one of the biggest trends in home design right now, but it’s not likely to be a fleeting trend, because of the pervasiveness of these shades of gold, silver, copper and bronze. Metallics aren’t just a trend—in much of the home design world, they’ve become the new neutral.

While metallic tones have always been used in home design, they’re no longer simply associated with high-end or over-the-top, opulent homes. They’re now really accessible, and something everyone can incorporate for a touch of glamour.

For homeowners considering adding metallics within their home décor, here are some of the top designer ideas and tips, whether a homeowner’s style is ultra-luxe, classically simple, or somewhere in-between.

Idea #1: Add Metallic In the Accessories
For many homeowners, particularly with a simpler, traditional style, the thought of using metallics can be overwhelming. For a touch of elegance, without feeling like it’s overboard or too risky, incorporate metallic into a home’s décor in the form of accessories, like picture frames, potted plants, or just little items that adorn shelves or tables. Throw pillows are also another great way to use shades of metal, and they can easily be changed out, which is great for homeowners who don’t want to commit to metallic just yet.

Idea #2: Bring It To the Walls
For people more daring in their design concepts, metallic wallpaper and even paints are very popular, and make a bold, dramatic statement. To avoid having a room feel as if it’s been taken over by a metallic paint or wall covering, opt to create a feature wall, and leave the remaining walls in a room neutral with a shade that coordinates well with the metal selected for the accent. Metallic can also have an amazing effect when used on a ceiling, and if the color of the floor covering is similar, it works to open up a space and make a room appear much larger.

Idea #3: Infuse Metallic into the Kitchen
One of the top ways to get the beautiful shimmer and shine of metallics right now is in the use of kitchen countertop materials with these shades. There are certain types of granites, like the Extreme Series Granite collection, which have been dyed to bring out the different tones of the material, and options include Extreme Bronze and Extreme Copper. These high-end materials artfully bring metallics into the kitchen, but they also pair well with more subtle colors in countertops and flooring, making them a great focal point. Additionally, metallic-inspired granite countertops work well as a bathroom vanity material.

Idea #4: Create Balance
Metallics are considered really glamorous and sleek, so balance them with the use of natural materials and deep textures. This will add dimension and depth to a room, and prevent metallics from feeling like they dominate the entire design of a home. For example, a rustic hardwood floor would be great with a metallic-inspired kitchen countertop, or in a room with metallic furniture, use a woven jute rug. It’s also visually appealing to use different elements in one piece of furniture, for example a wood-top coffee table with metallic legs.

Idea #5: Don’t Be Afraid To Mix Metals
One of the oldest design rules is avoiding the mixing of metals, but that can be thrown out the window, because it no longer applies. To keep the design cohesive, choose one primary shade of metallic to use in a space, and then use other shades as a type of accent color. It’s really a high-end, sophisticated effect.