Design Your Own Wallpaper

One option to combat this issue is to design your own wallpaper: this gives you complete control over the whole process and means you can choose exactly what you want for your design. After all, you are going to hang your wallpaper in your house and (with any luck) it will be there for years to come – you need to know you’re going to be completely happy with it and that you’ve got the perfect design for you.

Designing your own wallpaper is also very simple, so you don’t need to worry about being an artistic genius to do it, either. If you have an image or photograph you’d love to see on your wallpaper, that’s all you need to get the process started. It’s a good idea to use a specialist, high quality service such as the one provided by JW Walls.

This allows you to upload your image or graphic to the website so that it can be printed onto wallpaper for you to put up exactly as you want it. All you need to do is make sure you get accurate measurements so that the print comes out exactly as it should and you won’t have any issues when you’re putting the paper up. The image will be printed onto 600cm-wide wallpaper, so this should help you work out how many strips you’ll need and can give you guidance when it comes to choosing the perfect image.

But what kind of images can you have on your design your own wallpaper? Essentially, this is up to you. One option could be to get that perfect holiday snap you took a few years ago printed up onto wallpaper so you can see it every time you enter the room. Some people choose to have their favourite painting or view put into print, while others go for subtle options such as pretty murals.

Whether you are hoping to wallpaper your entire room or perhaps a single feature wall, designing your own paper is a great option. Depending on what you choose to get printed on your wallpaper, it can also make a really interesting alternative to artwork. One thing you might like to think about is your choice of colour: make sure you visualise your chosen image on the wall before making your final decision so you can be certain you’ll be happy with it and that the colours will go well with the rest of your design scheme.

Overall, designing your own wallpaper can make for a really interesting option – and means you can get exactly what you want as well as controlling the process from start to finish. After all, it’s your house: why shouldn’t you get a say in the design of your wallpaper?