Design Your Own Engagement Ring

3 Creative Ideas for Designing Your Own Engagement Ring

When it comes to designing and personalizing your engagement ring, you should take liberty to get as creative and personalized as you and your fiancé see fit. It is important that your ring, above all else, acts as a testament to the love and the bond that the two of your share. Therefore, it is important that the two of you are proud of the ring.

Many couples choose to personalize their engagement rings. After all, if your love is so unique and special, shouldn’t your ring also be unique and special? Here are three creative ways to personalize your engagement ring.

1. Keep it in the family.
Many men and women have inherited their parents’ or grandparents’ jewelry. If keeping the ring in the family is important to you, as it is to many couples, then take the family ring and have it made into a brand new piece that celebrates the love that you share with your partner. You can easily either adjust an old ring to fit your finger size, or you can completely redesign the setting in any way you desire.

2. Handcraft the ring.
Some couples enjoy the idea of personalizing their engagement rings so much that they actually have a jeweler hand craft rings for them. When you hand craft a ring, you can have a design of any sort engraved into the metal. This design can be a message or it can be alongside a diamond. The jeweler can get as intricate and as personalized with the design as you desire. Simply tell him what you are looking for and have him come up with a sketch, if you do not already have one in mind.

3. Re-using metal.
If you have a gold piece that the two of you share, then you can melt the metal down and craft it into a ring. Many couples that have purchased a metal item on travels or have inherited it from a close family member like to reuse the metal in this way so that the full composition of the ring comes from a place of love. Therefore, take the time to investigate your options to see what is possible for you.

By exploring different avenues for personalization, you are sure to find a method of personalizing your engagement ring that is right for you and for your fiancé. Be sure to research options so that you can make an informed choice when it comes to selecting the perfect engagement ring style. The next step is finding a qualified jeweler to make the ring for you.