Depression Causes

Being depressed is another way of saying that you feel miserable. For most of us feelings like this vanish after a little while. There are some people however who can’t shake their depression and it lingers for months on end. What then are the depression causes?

There is no real answer but there are several possibilities. With each of these, the causes in themselves may trigger depression or a combination of these may be the reason why depression can occur. Some of the possibilities include physiology. Here the cause is a biochemical imbalance in the brain. When certain types of chemicals like neurotransmitters become low, the nerve endings become messed up and depression can set in.

Stress is considered as another reason contributing towards depression causes. The many demands made of our lives by our busy lifestyles can cause stress. When these factors begin to overwhelm us, we lose our elasticity to cope and deal with them. With the loss of this resiliency against stress it is very easy to slide into depression.

Learning or behavioral patterns are other reasons for depression causes. With the facts of this cause it is thought that you learn to become depressed. In this possibility the depression learning process comes from your environment. How you perceive your family environment conditions you to becoming depressed in the future.

Another depression cause can be considered as thinking. This cause is one of the main reasons for depression causes. In this possibility you create an imaginary problem. To this problem you add other imaginary problems and increase the problem. By the time you have finished thinking about the very large and worrisome problem, it has become much worse than it really is. The worry of this imaginary problem has caused you to become depressed over nothing.

In all of these possibilities it is the thinking process that provides the catalyst for all of the depression causes. Various aspects of the problems become intensified with all of these depression causes. So by brooding on the worst aspects of your life it becomes very easy to become depressed.

Therefore if your life feels like it is becoming too much for you or if a problem in your life has caused you to become depressed for quite a while, the chances are that you will need to evaluate your life and find out what are the depression causes in your life. Hopefully by knowing what causes depression we have a chance to stop depression from ruling our lives.