Depression and Insomnia and how I beat it overnight

I am writing this article as I believe in what has happened to my partner John in the last 18 months can be of great benefit for those that suffer with depression and insomnia.

Fortunately I am unable to comment on the feelings of the above as it has never struck me, but I have witnessed John’s bouts and also that of a close girlfriend. It seemed at times that my hands were tied.

All I could offer was my support. John suffered for 20 years with insomnia and chronic depression. I know that he sleeps very well at night. He has not had a bout of severe depression in all this time.

So here it is and if helps but one person then we are happy. If it helps more then that’s even better. All this was done without any drugs whatsoever.

“In the last 18 months, I have cured a chronic insomnia problem by doing the following:

1. Alkalizing – my urine pH was always about 5.5. It needs to be above 6.5, otherwise disease can set in. Minerals and vitamins are not readily absorbed in an acidic body. It has also been stated that heavy metals are not easily detuned in an acid environment. I drank alkalized water, took alkalizing supplements, and only ate alkalized food (mostly raw vegetables).

2. Hydrating – with good ionized/alkalized water. The same night I installed a water alkalizer I slept all night without drugs. Normally I would need to take drugs to get 4-6 hours sleep. Ionized water is also restructured so that it has greater hydrating capacity, and it also has a strong negative “oxygen reduction potential” (ORP). This is a measure of the water’s antioxidant potential.

3. Detoxifying – I started taking a product called zeolite about 6 weeks prior to starting the alkalized water. It also had the effect of improving my pH. Zeolite has a fantastic history for improving health, even though it is not registered as an approved product (because it can’t be patented). Coriander (a herb) is also a great detoxifier.

Just by doing the above the following happened, either immediately or over a 3-month period:

– sleep became so nice
– depression went away
– Candida disappeared (a constant cough)
– a 20-year large wart disappeared
– toe nail fungus grew out
– arthritis in knees improved substantially

In summary I was much healthier.”

John and I continue to detox on a regular basis. Now that Xmas has come and gone we have set ourselves a goal to go through another detox regime.

The benefits are definitely having a sharper mind and more energy and in this way ready to face the New Year with a vengeance. You see we are soon to go to Ecuador for four weeks where we will be attending several courses before deciding if we are to pack up and live for part of the year in a beautiful environment such as Ecuador.

Soon I shall start my site and as we travel write a daily journal.

Happy reading.