Depression And Anxiety Disorder

There are way too many people out there who are suffering from depression and anxiety disorders. In third world countries, women are usually not treated at par with men and such illnesses sky rocket. These women have a tough time proving that they are suffering from a disease as they are often labeled as hypochondriacs or attention-seekers. Depression and anxiety disorder has very little endorsement there as these women still have a long way to go before they are treated equally.

In spite of the advances in the field of medicine, this serious affliction, depression and anxiety disorder is still prevalent and often incorrectly diagnosed.

Recognizing Depression and Anxiety Disorder

Forewarned is being fore-armed. Everybody must know the details of this affliction so they would be ready to understand it and fight it. There are many types of manifestations:

There is Disthimia which is characterized as a mild depression and described as it being the younger sister of depression. This form of depression is totally curable. Unless it is treated in time, it might lead to chronic complications. Cyclothermia is another form of depression. If you suffer from this type of depression; you will find that you also get tremendous swings of moods alternated by the depression. Lack of treatment for this type of depression, unfortunately often results in suicide.

The root cause for depression, or better described as the active supporter, is anxiety. Anxiety will make you see the slightest problem seem insurmountable, your ability to deal with it less than zero, and will provoke hyperventilation and even heart palpitations. Anxiety, if left untreated will first transform into depression, and then at times people end their lives, mostly because they feel helpless.

This looks childish from outside, but it is very far from being childish. This is in fact, a very serious affliction which can get complicated in no time, leading to self-destruction. There are many, many types of anxiety depression disorders and only a trained professional can make a sound diagnosis. Do not attempt to self-medicate yourself or a loved one for any kind of depression. It could cause more harm than help.

A cure can be possible once the affliction is recognized and treatment initiated. Hence, the crux of the matter remains that this disorder if left untreated, can lead to the serious complications – and even death.