Dental Treatment: Advantage and Disadvantage of Dental Tourism

Dental tourism means moving to a country, other than one’s country of residence, to receive the top value for money dental care. It has gained popularity in recent years and the industry is now considered as one of the best booming business for the developing countries with quality medical service and facilities. Now medical travelers incorporate a relaxing holiday with their dental treatment.

Prices for dental treatments in many North American and Western European countries are very high. Now people are considering quality, lower costing dental treatments beyond the boundary of their respected countries, in poorer countries like those in Eastern Europe, Africa, the Asia or South America. To get dental crowns, dental implants, teeth whitening, root canals, etc. an increasing number of Europeans, Americans and Canadians go to Mexico, Costa Rica, India, Thailand, Hungary and Romania at easy on the pocket prices and enjoy the stay.

Now, a number of medical-travel agencies and tour operators offer very attractive and easy on the pocket tour packages combining dental care and the stay to foreign patients. These packages come at a price 3 to 5 times cheaper than in rich countries.

However, these tourism packages have some advantages and disadvantages. While buying one take these in consideration.


Cost Effective

Lack finances or simply can’t afford to pay out-of-pocket for your dental care? You can get dental treatment in any foreign country without breaking your budget. It can help save thousands of dollars even when they factor in entire dental procedure and travel costs.

Best Care

Dental services at cheaper rates don’t mean you have to settle for lower quality care. Many of the dental professionals have trained in the United States and are members of prestigious dental associations. They are providing the quality of dental treatment that is akin to the developed countries.

Opportunity to Holiday

Along with treatment, these tours give an opportunity to have a long awaited holiday. From the difference in prices, you can enjoy recuperative holidays post dental treatment with the sum of money left. With the money you can easily pays for your travel, local transportation as well as accommodation and vacation activities in the destination country.

Easy access to the healthcare

These medical tourism destinations boast one of the best and efficient healthcare systems. Some of them adequately cater to international patients offering offshore patients easy access to the healthcare and quicker appointments, and have designed their facilities to provide their patients best possible personal care.


Time Consuming

The distance you have to travel and the time you have to invest are the cons that you have to take in consideration. If you are a “proper” dental tourist and you have integrated a holiday into your treatment plans, it is not a problem. But if you need some simple checkup, you can’t just take an hour out and pop into your dentist. It requires planning and organizing and having time at hand.

Quality of Treatment

The destinations are providing quality services but it is foolish to think that all the clinics or dentists are providing the same quality service. It is important to check the reputation and the facilities the clinics have.