Dental Implants to Solve Denture Problems

Dental implants are ideal solutions to missing teeth problems, because these artificial tooth roots – along with teeth restorations – replace the form and function of lost natural teeth. Implants restore the proper function of the teeth, and make the smile attractive by filling in the gaps caused by tooth loss. Dental implants are also used to solve problems associated with removable dentures that have become loose with long-term use.

Dentures are removable dental appliances used to replace the form and function of missing teeth. The removable nature of dentures, however, can be the source of problems especially for long-term denture users. Those who have missing teeth and are using removable dentures are faced with the problem of jawbone deterioration, because the bone stimulation coming from lost tooth roots are not replaced. As the jawbone continues to become thin, the lips and mouth area will appear sunken or misshapen, making the patient look much older and unhealthier. Jawbone deterioration also affects the proper fit of the dentures; as the jawbone continues to thin, the dentures will become looser in time as well.

Removable dentures uncontrollably move inside the mouth, and can even fall out completely out of the mouth in the most unexpected ways. This uncontrollable movement is often a great source of embarrassment for denture wearers. The continuous rubbing of the removable dentures against the gums and inner mouth tissue may result to the development of painful mouth sores, making denture use a very uncomfortable experience for the wearer.

Securing Dentures with Dental Implants
Dental implants can solve problems with loose dentures. The dentures or another teeth restoration, such as a dental bridge, can be secured in place with the help of dental implants – which are in turn firmly attached to the jawbone. The secure connection through the dental implants will ensure that the dentures will not move around unexpectedly or unnecessarily inside the mouth. Denture wearing can be enjoyed without the embarrassment that comes with unnecessary movement from removable dentures.

Securing dentures with dental implants also improve the comfort of using these missing teeth solutions. Once the dentures are secured in place with implants, the pain resulting from the continuous friction from the dentures will stop – and the teeth restorations can be used with greater comfort and convenience. With the help of dental implants, a person who has once suffered from missing teeth and loose denture problems can now smile confidently once more.