Decorative and functional modern rugs over the centuries

Modern Rugs for Modern Times

Your living room is probably the best place for your modern rug. Modern area rugs come in a canvas of colors and bring life to any room they are in. They are a testimony to the improvement of craftsmanship over the centuries.
In the days of yore only royalty and prominent people could avail of this craftsmanship. In those days the various tribesmen, who lived in worlds far removed from the carpet capital of the world, closely guarded the secret of their craftsmanship. Weaving a carpet involved a lot of hard work. Each carpet was hand-made and took years from start to finish.

Modern area rugs and carpets are made with a combination of natural wool, cotton an silk and are usually machine made.

Persian carpets are famous all over the world and are considered as one of the most prized carpets world wide. They are not cheap however. A Persian carpet measuring 4’x 6’could cost you about $200. Because Persian carpets are so expensive, many home owners prefer to buy something cheaper that would still perform the same function at a lesser price.

Rugs are just smaller-sized carpets and are available in standard sizes that could range from 3’ x 5’ to 9’ x 12’. The smallest available rug would be enough to cover a small coffee table. Rugs are very effective in covering certain areas colorfully and decoratively. Whereas carpets are typically used to cover the entire floor area, area rugs can be easily placed under assorted furniture including coffee tables.

Rugs should be chosen to match the finish and décor of the room they will be placed in. Rugs that are lighter in color make a room appear larger than it is. Besides being decorative, rugs are also functional. They are more comfortable to walk on rather than a bare floor and they also protect the floor.

Modern area rugs come in three yarn categories including propylene rugs, nylon rugs and wool rugs.

Propylene rugs cost the least of the three and are neither flame retardant nor as soft as the nylon or wool rugs. However, with technological improvements, they can now be treated with special chemicals that render them soft and flame retardant.

Nylon rugs have limited flame retarding properties. They plasticize and emit fumes when they burn, causing fumes to linger on in closed rooms.

Wool rugs are constructed of natural fibers. They are extremely soft and resilient and provide a comfortable cushioning effect when walking. Wool rugs are very durable, long-lasting and flame retardant. They do not melt or burn easily and are the preferred type of rug for most home owners.

Modern area rugs require minimum cleaning and have a life span of about twenty years. Rug maintenance specialists advise that modern rugs should ideally not be shampooed when they are new and only require regular cleaning using a vacuum cleaner.

Before you go ahead and buy a modern rug you need to decide where you are going to place it so you know which size to buy.