Decorating Your Office with Feng Shui

Stuck in your career, or troubled in your business? The root of your problems may be in the design of your office. The general theme of Feng Shui is the energy flow within the place. If this energy called qi is not flowing freely through your office, then you can’t think without disturbances.

How did you position your desk? Is it sideways to the door? This little thing can mar or impede the energy flow in your office. The desk should allow you sit facing the door, and with your back pointing at a wall. You should be able to easily see if someone enters the office as well as have a wall as a protection.

Don’t get it wrong however, although your desk should allow you to easily see the door, it should not be placed directly across to it. Feng Shui knowledge points that a desk placed directly across a door allows all the energy flow go directly to you. Also vital about your desk positioning is that it should not be facing a wall, since the wall would act as an obstacle.

The windows in your office should face only pleasing natural views when at all possible. Likewise is arranging chairs and tables with their backs to the doors or windows should be discontinued. It is considered bad Feng Shui to leave the back exposed to possible attack through the door.

Generally, energy or qi enters and exits office rooms through doorways. Doors facing each other encourage qi to move too quickly through and out of the room. Doors on adjoining walls will encourage a circular motion of qi that is considered relaxing and good Feng Shui.

What about the location of the office? Is it at the end of a bridge or cul-de-sac? Or is it near a freeway? If any of those apply to you then it is not good and desirable to Feng Shui.

The reason is because these locations all have either too fast or not enough energy flow. So when choosing a site for your office building the ideal location according to Feng Shui experts and principles is a plot of land that is rectangular in shape, and on a hill. But I think the hill part is a tall order.

Another vital tip, is the size of your office doors, in particular is the front door. It should be proportional to the size of the office. Too large or too small a door will not facilitate proper qi flow through the home.

Feng Shui office indications also recommend that the area directly in front of where you sit at your desk should be clear and without objects disturbing you. This space should allow your energy to flow freely without obstacles, in order for you to easily achieve your projects and objectives.

For office machines and other ancillary equipments, Feng Shui states that they should never be at the center of the room. Because objects in general, and machines to be specific, are obstacles to the flow of energy which ideally should be able to travel freely through the room.

Your office space is important, and it should be square or rectangular in shape. It should have a window which allows natural light in the room. These tips on Feng Shui office decoration if adhered to will help you feeling relaxed and comfortable in your office-two catalysts of success in business

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