“We can’t retract the decisions we’ve made, we can only affect the decisions we’re going to make from here.” As said by actor Jamie Foxx in the movie, Law Abiding Citizen.

As you have been reading in ‘Turning Point’; decisions have been the recent theme of our discussions and time together. While web surfing, I found a site that shares ‘wisdom’ from the movies. Note I place ‘wisdom’ in quotes. Sometimes the movies we watch do inspire us in a positive way and bring wise insights and sometimes not. Either way, was a fun discovery.

A good quote is a good quote, even if it comes from a bad movie. That is not necessarily an opinion about Law Abiding Citizen (which I am pretty sure I have NOT seen), just a general observation.

There is some wisdom in this particular quote. Once you make a decision (and acted upon it), your decision is out there. You cannot take it back. Yes, you can and sometimes should reverse or modify the decision. But a decision made is in the past. What you do about that decision is in the present. Dwelling on past decisions is not a great use of the present. Take a lesson learned from that old decision and keep moving. You do have an opportunity right now and in the present to make new decisions, decisions reached based upon lessons learned and the information you have at hand.

So there we go, ‘wisdom’ from the movies. What are some of your favorite movie quotes?

Wishing you an entertaining week.