Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…The Power of Having a Passionate Purpose

What is the Purpose that guides your decisions? Or not? What decisions have you made thus far today – both before and up to your decision to read this article? What decisions have you already made about the rest of your day? Or week? Or year? Or not?

We all have thousands of opportunities to make decisions every day – whether big or little – about how we will be and the actions we will take in our lives. Decision making opportunities range from the tiny decisions such as whether to get out of bed when the alarm goes off (if you use an alarm – I don’t), what to eat for breakfast or whether to exercise before work; to the bigger and broader decisions of how we will spend our time, energy and money and how we will be with the people – from intimate others to strangers, clients and colleagues – in our lives.


The decisions we make or don’t make and how we make or don’t make them creates the quality and direction of our lives. Yet, how many times are we afraid to make a decision because it might be wrong? Or we don’t make a decision because we don’t feel like it, put it off until “tomorrow,” or wait until the decision is made for us. Hesitancy disempowers us and contributes to vagueness in our daily lives, much like being half asleep. There are as many considerations we can use to refrain from making a decision as there are decisions we can make.

On the other hand, how many times do you make decisions clearly and easily? Decisiveness empowers and energizes us and generates greater confidence.


What makes the difference between decisiveness and hesitancy? People who make decisions clearly and easily have a greater “why” or a Passionate Purpose in their life that informs and guides their decisions.

A Passionate Purpose is an authentic, clear and specific vision of what you want to create or accomplish in your life, work or business. And, of course, it is something you are passionate about and therefore compelled by. Ways of being and actions that forward your purpose become distinct from those that do not. When we choose and commit to a Passionate Purpose, the universe is naturally engaged on our behalf and the way is shown. Our job is to align ourselves and our actions with our Passionate Purpose.

When you live with a Passionate Purpose, you have a reason to get out of bed in the morning – your way becomes lighter, your energy increases, you naturally focus on what’s most important and decisions become clear.


Choose a Passionate Purpose. You may have been inspired to one simply by reading this article. Make sure that it is clear and specific. If it is one you are passionate about it will be compelling.

Write it down with a date by which you want to accomplish it. I suggest you choose one that has a completion date of one to five years from now.

Believe that 1) you can achieve your purpose and 2) that the universe will support you.

Look for evidence every day that the previous two beliefs are true.

Take action! Both the actions you know to take and inspired actions. When you receive an inspired idea or opportunity act on it right away.

Of course, enjoy the process! And remember:

You are a natural! You are magnificent! You are brilliant! Simply by being you! Let your light shine!