Decisions, Decisions, Decisions for Enhanced Empowerment

Each subject (person, place, thing, or idea) has an energy field around it which can be viewed or otherwise perceived by sensitive persons. The energy field also impacts non-sensitive persons, even though they may not be aware of the subtle aspects of it or may not be able to articulate what they are experiencing. This energy field supports, underpins, and impacts physical reality.

Quite simply, either the energy feels good to you or it does not. If you feel good, you are moving in the direction of personal empowerment; if you do not feel good, you are moving in the direction of disempowerment. Energy that feels good to you may not feel good to someone else, so it is important to notice just for yourself without declaring that your observations are true for everyone.

All too often, people stay fixated in the physical, trying to fix discomfort there. Some believe a problem is solved because the annoying symptoms have dissolved or moved. Most of this physical tinkering is a temporary solution because you have not changed the attitude or thinking which created the physical symptoms. All this information is perceived in the energy field.

Energy is the life force of our experiences. Few people really pay attention to the subtle energy around them. As you become more aware of how energy surrounds and impacts you, you can release untapped resources. These untapped resources can be your path to empowerment.

Often well-meaning physical tinkering worsens a situation. That worsening of the situation might happen immediately or over time. If you are paying attention to energy, you will notice information from inside yourself that signals whether you are moving in the direction of your empowerment or disempowerment.

Here are a few simple examples. When the energy is scattered, you may find it difficult to hold your attention on a subject. When the energy field is blocked, you may struggle to remember important information. When blocked energy produces pain, you may experience less satisfaction with life. Noticing energy can change the quality of the energy when you notice with intention: you can calm it down when it is scattered, you can put it in motion when it is blocked, and you can release pain.

The following questions can guide you in observing energy. Regular use of these questions can be a powerful technique for gaining greater awareness of energy. The questions are simple, but do not discount them. Regular practice is very enlightening and powerful. If you are unsure of an answer, simply move to another question.

Questions about Energy

* What is happening to the energy?
* What is happening to my (your, our, their, her, his) energy?
* What is worthy of my/our/your investment of personal or group energy?
* What is the color of the energy?
* How does the energy sound?
* What is the texture of the energy?
* If the energy is blocked, where is it blocked?
* Where is the energy flowing smoothly?
* How can I (you, we, they, she, he) enhance the quality of the energy?

Noticing subtle energy can be fun. It can move your attention away from the details of a disempowering situation to dynamics such as color and sound and images and textures. In a few minutes, you can begin to make changes. As you stay focused on how you feel as you experience such dynamics, you can guide yourself to more and more experiences that are satisfying and enjoyable.