Deciding Which Car Is Right For You

Deciding Which Car is Right For You

You are looking into buying your first car and you have been weighing all the options. Maybe you have been thinking about a car over the other options such as a Minivan, Truck, or SUV due to the better gas mileage. While cars generally do have better gas mileage, this is becoming less frequently, especially if you have been looking into sports cars.

Many Truck, SUV, and Minivan providers have been researching the gas economy issue and this is what they have worked out so far. The Automakers are going to a new gasoline formula such as Ethanol and a Gasoline mixture; these newer vehicles are following the FFV or Flexible-Fuel-Vehicle guidelines. The guidelines are geared towards providing better fuel economy and lower vehicle emissions.

Other steps the larger vehicle manufactures are doing to help this growing problem is making sure their vehicles if not all ready equipped with the proper parts can add conversion parts to make the transition easier. Another thing the auto manufactures is offering the option to choose a more fuel economy engine and not adding such features as 4 wheel-drive or 4WD on their vehicles.

When it comes to Minivans you can see the difference in the aerodynamic design being produced today compared to even five years ago. How can you tell if it is more aerodynamically designed? The front of the Minivan has more of a sweep to it and the back does not just stop but curves downwards.

When buying a vehicle based upon gas mileage the car has led the race for a long time, however with the improvements the other guys are making this may not last forever.

However if you cannot afford the parts to convert your vehicle to a gas and ethanol mixture you can still improve its mileage and even performance. One simple way to do so is by avoiding all of those cool and bigger accessories such as tires designed to large or extra roll bars. Keeping your vehicle clean also helps the gas mileage, and making sure the maintenance up to date. Doing these simple things can help make sure your first vehicle isn’t your last due to lack of finances.

If you are set on buying a truck as your first car and the room of its interior is not an issue then maybe a small truck would be better suited to you. I can attest that a small truck will get excellent gas mileage if you take care of it properly and drive it responsibly. What I mean is don’t punch it showing off how fast it is, and also keeping at a set speed limit while driving it down the roads.

No matter what vehicle you choose you can always do things to help improve your gas mileage and when choosing your new car make sure if it is used that the previous owner took care of it. You can find out this information many different ways, by either paying for a Carfax report or other free methods. You can also ask the dealer for the name and address of the previous owner.