Deciding Where You Should Hold A Baby Shower

Having decided just when to hold your baby shower, and with a reasonable idea of the number of guests who will be attending, it is time to decide just where to hold the shower. Now many people of course hold their baby shower at home, but sometimes the host’s home is not appropriate and so you need to begin looking at alternative venues.

Restaurants are one possible answer as many restaurants will certainly be happy to accommodate an event of this nature and can even take care of the food for you. Churches and clubs are another idea as most have large meeting rooms and many also have fully equipped kitchens. Conference rooms and cafeterias can also work well sometimes if a baby shower is being organized by fellow workers. This list could of course go on and on but the one thing you do need to do it to fix your location early because, until you have done so, you will not be able to send out the invitations telling everyone where to go.

If you decide to have the shower at home then you need to make sure that you can comfortably accommodate all of your guests. You also need to think about such things as whether or not your guests are going to find your home easily and whether you will be able to provide adequate parking. Another important consideration is whether or not you have the facilities necessary to cater for the baby shower food and beverages, not simply in terms of preparing the food but also of serving it. And do not forget those pets. Your baby shower will not get off to a very good start if you have a couple of cats and your guest of honor has a cat allergy!

Do not forget too that, depending on the time of year, you might be able to make use of your garden as well as the house. Indeed, some picnic tables and chairs set out in the garden can make a perfect setting for your meal, especially if you combine this with some barbecued meats and a summer salad.

If you house is not large enough, or is otherwise not suitable, then your next choice might be a restaurant. Here you will need to talk to the manager and ensure that he can give you a suitable space which is going to meet your needs and, if applicable, not interfere with the enjoyment of other people who may be using the restaurant at the same time. You will also need to talk specifically about your catering requirements and in particular about the cost involved. Any good restaurant should be able to provide just about whatever you want but they are also likely to charge you handsomely for doing so.

Although a restaurant can be a good choice, expense often rules this option out and the local church hall or a club hall is a better bet. Again make sure you will have all of facilities you require, including any kitchen facilities and be sure to book the hall well in advance. Also, find out if other groups will be using the hall or adjoining rooms at the same time and make sure that you are happy that this will not interfere with your own party.

Finally, once you have decided upon a suitable location make sure not only that you book it but that your booking is confirmed in writing to avoid any possible problems at a later date. Remember too that some venues will ask you for a deposit at the time of booking and this must be paid in order to make a firm reservation.