Decide To Lose Weight

Making a decision is a powerful process towards achieving something. By not making a firm decision you are just floating around the edges of any goal that you want to achieve. Too many people that want to lose weight approach it in an indecisive way. They may say things like:

I should try to lose weight, I’ll try to cut down on bad food, Maybe I should start exercising, I could join a gym, Perhaps I’ll try that new diet, I’ll start in a few weeks,

None of the above are decisions, they are just fleeting thoughts or at best weak intentions, and frankly they will not get you anywhere. Making a firm decision can be very empowering because you are making a commitment. Try this for yourself:

Say to yourself ‘I suppose I should lose some weight’ and notice what happens in your mind. You may find that other thoughts attach themselves to what you have said. These thoughts may go along the lines of:

It’ll be too hard, I don’t have the time right now, I’ve always failed in the past, I don’t think I have the willpower, I can’t be bothered at the moment,

Once these thoughts have grouped together you will drop the idea of losing weight like a hot potato, although you may retain some guilt in the back of your mind for giving up so easily.

Now say to yourself ‘I AM going to lose weight’ and say it with some force and conviction. Now what do you notice in your mind? You may find that saying it that way makes the thought feel stronger. The negative thoughts that you had earlier seem weaker, they are probably still there but seem more distant. This happens because when you make a decision you are giving a direct order to your mind, and your mind has a firm instruction to follow instead of some vague thought or half hearted wish.

The next step is to write out 2 plans, plan A which is based on a decision that you will lose weight, and plan B which is based on a decision not to lose weight. You need to write out what each plan will offer you. Write out your own plans based on the example below.

Plan A

More Energy, Improved Health, Better Self Confidence, Higher Self Esteem, Feel and Look More Attractive, Feel Happier about Yourself

Plan B

Less Energy, Increasing Health Problems, Low Self Confidence, Poor Self Esteem, Poorer Self Image, Problems with Anxiety and Depression

Make your lists as long as possible and then imagine were you will be in 1, 3, and 5 year’s time with whichever plan that you decide to follow. Picture how you will look and feel in the future with whatever plan you choose.

Keep in mind that both plans are progressive, meaning that both plans will evolve and not stand still. Follow plan A and the benefits will increase. You’ll become more energetic, your health will continue to improve, your self confidence and self esteem will snowball. The fact is that the more you do of something, the better you will get at it and the easier it will become.

If you follow plan B you will not be in the same position that you are in now. Plan B will also evolve, your energy will continue to decrease, your health will get worse and you often find that one health problem leads to another and another. Your self confidence and self esteem will continue to drop.

At this point you have the choice as to which plan you will decide to follow. I’ve got no right to tell you which plan you should follow, that is your decision and nobody else’s. It’s all about what you really want for yourself. If you decide to go with plan B then there is not much more for you to do apart from stop reading. If you decide to go with plan A then you have already taken a major step towards losing weight just by making that decision.

Nothing ever gets done without some sort of decision first, the world is run on decisions, decisions lead to action, and it’s only by acting on something that we can achieve it.

Once you have made your decision, decide what actions you are going to take to reach your goal. Find out what you are going to do and how you are going to do it. Write out your plan and start following it; decide that you are committed to finishing what you have started. Don’t just sit and think about it, make your decision and be happy about it.