Death penalty research paper Solutions

Capital punishment is indeed a very debatable topic that involves a lot of discussion and a death penalty research paper takes into account such controversies that are related to this contentious theme. Simultaneously a term paper should also provide brief information about death penalty and substantiate various arguments in favor as well as against the punishment. In fact, it should present the issue in a bright light discussing all its relevant aspects so that the readers can understand it and reach at their own defined conclusions.

There is a famous saying by Mahatma Gandhi that an “Eye for an Eye will make the whole world blind” but nowadays with the increasing crime rates across the globe, it seems that violence and brutality has over taken the minds and lives of the people. Now the question that must be arising in your mind would be is it right to slay a person to death? Is death penalty justified? To comprehend this theme firstly it’s very important to understand several aspects of this topic.

What is Death Penalty?
In a death penalty the state or the concerned authority proclaim death verdict for the convict or the criminal for his or hers desired crime. A recent survey made has showed that around 250 people around the world are given a death verdict and almost around 35 people are butchered to death. Moreover, there are several different ways in which these people are assassinated which includes:

• Electric shocks
• Fatal injections
• Hang to death
• Gas chambers

In fact, death penalty is considered the most callous form of punishment in United States. However, the criminal has to go through many phrases before he or she is given the final judgment. A sneak preview in the past brings forward various facts that justify the capital punishment as an effective means to stop crimes or bloodbath. But it is really fair and defensible to slaughter the life of person?

This issue is in fact under fire as there are some who feels that it completely vindicated to take away the life of the criminal and whilst there are other people who believe it to be absolutely unjustified and erroneous on faith of humanity. The latter group feels that since god has created everything in this world therefore that almighty only has the ultimate power to destroy or create anything in this world.

Another important argument that is often set against the capital punishment is that what if an innocent person is sentenced to death? As every law body as its loops and holes so there is always this possibility that an innocent person can be given a death penalty. Although the final execution is done only after proper investigation but in few cases it has been proved that an innocent person is propel to death. Whatever be the case the main sufferers in the execution process are undisputedly the family members who have lost their loved one.

A death penalty research paper connive all these aspects and different sides of death penalty. But the final decision lies in the hands of the society and it’s up to them to decide whether death penalty is right or wrong?