Dear Earth

Are you aware of what is happening to our beautiful Mother Earth? Do you feel concerned about the many people and businesses that have consciously or unconsciously hurt our air, water, land, animals, vegetation, and atmosphere? The truth is that the situation is not hopeless, you are not powerless, and you can make a difference.

I suggest that you let go of any fears or concerns and focus on what you can do to improve the situation. Then set your intent to take positive actions to take care of and honor Mother Earth.

To begin with, you can choose to read a book about the issues and learn more ways to be helpful. You may want to join an organization, or donate to one or more that are focusing on making positive changes. Another idea is to create your own group of earth friendly friends and family, or start a green business or organization.

Still another option is to organize a meeting at work to briefly outline the problems and spend most of the time on the solutions. At follow-up gatherings everyone can evaluate the success of the programs and decide what else they can do, or how they can improve their positive efforts.

Taking an inventory of how you can personally contribute is an excellent positive step. Of course, sharing it with your family is extremely helpful. For example, recycle whatever you can, and buy more products that are recycled. Also, consider purchasing energy efficient appliances and cars. Shut off lights when you leave a room and unplug electrical adapters when not in use.

Personally you will benefit by the good feelings that come with doing good deeds. Focusing on the positive and taking action feels empowering. Together we can make a difference.

The following are some guidelines that can assist you with your goal to be a more conscious global citizen and honor Mother Earth.


I promise to…

1) Appreciate your magnificent beauty.

2) Express gratitude for offering me a place to live and play.

3) Treat you with love and respect.

4) Be conscious of how important it is to preserve you.

5) Protect you by keeping you clean, using less, and recycling.

6) Contribute to your growth by replacing what I use.

7) Keep you pure by using safe, non-toxic substances.

8) Remember that what I do and say does make a difference.

9) Realize that you, like me, need peace to be healthy, happy, and successful.

10) Commit to being a kind and caring local, national, and world citizen.

Thank you for all your precious gifts. I love you!

If you choose to make any of all of these promises, then it is helpful to write down a list of specific things you can do and follow through. Your positive modeling can help to awaken others to do the same. Then the men, women, and children can motivate the people in their lives and so on. Congratulate yourself for being willing to honor and take care of our beautiful Mother Earth.