Dealing With Rejection

Human beings like to be liked. From our very early years we look to other’s reactions so as to obtain information about ourselves. An infant watches adult’s expressions and listens to their tonality as they speak and learns whether or not they are valued or well thought of, loved or not. Our basic perceptions of ourselves are learned in the first few years of our lives, and experiences in later life can temper or compound these basic and deep rooted beliefs.

Not only do we like to be liked, we need to be liked, we need to be loved and to love. “Love makes the world go round” is such a very true statement. Love is at the heart of everything which is good in this world. If everyone was to set about their daily tasks with a feeling of love, and not hate, the world would be a very happy place.

Rejection is hard to take. A fear of rejection comes naturally to those who have perhaps felt rejected in the past, be that in childhood or in more recent years. Nobody really likes or enjoys rejection in a similar way that nobody really enjoys a trip to the dentist. But although you cannot be expected to actively enjoy rejection, it equally should not be something that you feel fearful and anxious about.

If you were to feel completely comfortable and confident in your own skin, you would not fear rejection as you would know that it is not you who is being rejected; rather, it is the other person who is not in the right place at this moment in time. It is them, not you. Dealing with rejection becomes very easy once you see things from this perspective. There would in fact be no such thing as rejection. As you become fully confident in yourself you no longer fear rejection as you do not see it as rejection.

You can easily build your confidence and overcome fear of rejection with the help of hypnosis downloads. Hypnosis is a state of relaxation which is normal and natural. Hypnosis allows you to access the inner workings of your mind and make easy and powerful adjustments to your deep rooted beliefs and expectations.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis downloads for confidence and relationship issues.