Dealing With Grief And Loss In 3 Simple Steps

Dealing with grief and loss is never an easy time for the people involved. However, there is a positive and a negative way of handling the situation.

Going about it the positive way will bring you peace and acceptance. Going down the negative way will bring you more pain and grief. So despite how tempting it is to crash and burn, you know what’s right for you.

If you are dealing with grief and loss, or if you know someone in that situation, you would benefit from reading this article.

Step 1: Accept Your Loss.

The first thing you have to do when dealing with grief and loss is to accept what has happened. Everyone has experienced grief in one form or the other. Nobody is exempted from it.

What happened to you might be too painful to think about, but you’re going to have to accept that there is nothing you could have done, or do now, to prevent the incident. Everything happens for a reason.

Step 2: Go Through The Pain Of Grief.

Accepting your loss does not automatically erase the pain that comes with it. No doubt you’re not going to have an easy time letting the memory of that person go. It is during this time that you should allow yourself to grieve.

Cry all you want. Take time off from work and mope at home. Go through that person’s personal belongings and think about the time you spent together. Holding your feelings in will only prolong the pain.

Dealing with grief and loss properly means going through the whole process naturally. Don’t numb your feelings by taking drugs and drinking to death. This part of the whole grieving process might take quite some time.

Step 3: Bounce Back.

Once you have exhausted yourself from grieving your loss, you are now ready to face the world again. This is the stage when you pick yourself up, one piece at a time.

Although the pain might still be around, you are at least, ready to move forward. Maybe it’s about time you contact your friends and let them know that you’re okay. Or perhaps, you can simply start by having coffee outside your house or taking your dog out for a walk. Do something that signifies a new start.

The important thing is to move on and focus on the important things you could do in the present and future.

Nobody said that dealing with grief and loss will be as easy as popping a pill. The pain of losing someone does not disappear overnight. While you can’t exactly change the circumstances, you at least, have the freedom to choose the way in which you grieve.