Dealing with depression naturally

Natural treatment for depression
The problem people have with depression treatment is that there is a very big misconception about depression which is believing that the sole cause for depression is chemical imbalance in the brain. While this fact is true still most people never ask themselves the question, what caused this chemical imbalance?

Finding out the reason that resulted in your distorted brain chemicals is the first step towards getting rid of depression naturally.

What really causes depression?
People get depressed for various reasons like loss of a close person, horrible breakup, unmet goals, lack of life purpose, feeling worthless and lots more.

We can’t mention all the reasons that cause depression but we can point out one common factor among all of these situations which is the lack of the proper coping abilities.

If you lost your job but were skilled enough to find another one in few weeks you are less likely to get depressed as a result of this event compared to someone who has no skills and who was accepted in the first job by chance.

Natural treatment for depression is as simple as finding out the flaws in your system or the skills that you lack that make you unable to cope with certain situations. Once you find these flaws you have to develop the needed skills and then not only depression will ease but you will never get depressed because of that same reason again.

The chemical imbalance and your genes are innocent
Depression feels like being lost in the desert with no hope of anyone to come and save you. Had you learned how to use a mobile phone, how to make sure that its charged and how to bring adequate food before you attempted to cross the dessert you would have knew how to get out of that situation and you wouldn’t have felt lost.

Depression medication on the other hand has a the strong disadvantage of letting you believe that the situation is out of your hand and that its your bad luck that brought you depression genes.

Yes the tendency to become depressed is related to your genes but you can never become depressed before you face certain environmental changes and fail to cope with them. Natural treatment for depression is all about being prepared to face life so that these environmental factors fail to let you lose hope.