Dealing with Cockatiel Death

Death of a Cockatiel

Dealing with the death of a cockatiel can be devastating, especially if it was caused by an accident of some kind. Being able to talk about your feelings can help you to move on. Here are some ways of coping with the loss of a cockatiel in your flock.

Losing a cockatiel can feel as if you lost a son or daughter. That bird was something special to you and it will always be even many years later. Cockatiels have unique quirks and personalities that make us love them that much more. Even hearing that blaring squawk at 6 AM would be comforting right now, but unfortunately that sound is just a memory.

Gather up all the pictures and homemade videos of your lost cockatiel. Place them in a secure box, so that they are in one area. Having pictures scattered around the house can be rather depressing, but by having them in one box it allows you to choose when you want to experience your loss. That box is a great place for you to even place feathers from your cockatiel as well.

Some people may want to run out and purchase another cockatiel. That is fine, but remember the new bird can never replace what you had with your old bird. Never try to use another bird as a rebound because this new bird needs to be loved and taken care of properly too.

Remember that other cockatiels in the flock may be mourning the death of their friend as well. If the cockatiel you lost had a mate or was breeding with another cockatiel in your flock, then have some alone time with that bird. Cockatiels are smart enough to understand death, so explain it to this bird. This will also be a great time for you to mourn.

Try to avoid feelings of guilt because this will send you in a downward spiral. Accidents happens and can not always be prevented. Cockatiels are curious creatures and may get themselves in dangerous areas on their own. It is best to learn from this death and apply to your next bird.

Unfortunately, the death of a pet cockatiel can be sudden and traumatic for you. Join a cockatiel club in your area, so you can discuss with other people who have also lost their precious ‘tiel. Being able to talk with others can relieve the idea of being alone or hopeless. People in a bird club should be willing to help you through this tough time.