Dealing with Betrayal

When someone has betrayed you and has broken a solemn trust, it’s very hard to get over.

It can also work the other way, how do you get over betraying someone, how do you deal with yourself?

Let me start with a confession. There was a time in my life when all that I had done for 16 years fell apart. The ministry and work I had done was all taken away and I was on my own with a wife, 3 young children and my In-laws to take care of. I definitely felt betrayed by God and I told Him so.

Now most people are shocked when they hear that and say, “Oh, I could never talk to God like that”. Well, if you have ever read any thing I have written, you know the one thing I ask you to do is think!

So think about it, if I am “thinking” that God betrayed me He already knows it, so me saying it is no worse. But somehow people want to clean up their talk when speaking to God and be all respectful when in their heart they are mad and upset.

Yes, I “felt” betrayed by God and I told Him, that doesn’t mean it was true, but that’s the way I felt. I had hit a wall and it looked as though there was no way out. I was mad, upset and had to have someone to blame.

There was another time when my wife got cancer and once again I felt betrayed by God. These were very difficult times for me and I thought God had let me down.

Later searching for more answers I started to wonder if I had betrayed God, that’s what everyone wanted to tell me. People who didn’t like my thoughts on God wanting me to prosper and didn’t like what I was saying about the Laws God put in creation for us to use, these people accused me of betraying God.

Now, I had to work though all that and I did. God was kind enough to put up with my struggle so I could figure it out. But so many people are still mad at God for one thing or another or afraid of God because of something they have or have not done-this is where I come in.

I want to show you that God has not betrayed anyone and that our desire to prosper and live abundantly in no way betrays our life with Him. Maybe this isn’t an issue with you and if so that’s great, but I know a lot people still holding a grudge either openly or secretly about past events. I want to help heal that and open doors for everyone to enjoy the life God has given us.

I want to show you that it is the goodness of God that brings people to Him and that God really does want to do all that He can to help us success and have a wonderful life.

Romans 2:4 says that it is the goodness of God that leads men to repentence. Repentence means “a change of heart”. God is not a fire escape from hell and He doesn’t want us to come to Him out of fear.

God is love and it is His goodness and love that draws us to Him. He will never betray us, even if that’s how it feels, God would not do that. So focus on His goodness and love in your life and whatever happened will fade away.

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