David Frost Nixon Theater New York Tickets Are Hard To Get

If you are planning to watch David Frost Nixon Theatre, then, sorry, it won’t be an easy task for you. The tickets for David Frost Nixon Theatre, New York are in huge demand and fast disappearing from the box office.

What is so special about this show that has made people rush to the theatre? Well, the show’s story is all about guts and determination. It revolves around the character David Frost who is successful in getting an apology from the dishonored ex-president of United States. The whole world was eager to hear the apology in the words of Richard Nixon. He renders an implicit apology after three years of his resignation.

The lead actors have managed to steal the show with their amazing portrayal of the characters. Frank Langella plays the lead role of Richard Nixon, while Michael Sheen plays David Frost. Michael is a renowned stage as well as film actor. The expression, delivery of dialogues, and body language make the audience feel it’s for real and no play.

David Frost Nixon Theatre is directed by Michael Grandage. The story is written by Peter Morgan, who is a British dramatist and screenwriter. The play is based on one of the most colossal interviews shown three decades back on television screen. The entire play revolves around a string of interviews of the ex-president of Unites States, Richard Nixon taken on television in the year 1977. The interviews are taken by David Frost, who is a popular host of British talk show.

The major attraction of the play is the unstated confession of Nixon for his part in the iniquitous Watergate scandal. A major chunk of the audience had come to watch the guilt admission of the disgraced president.

The sensational play has been scheduled to run only for 20 weeks. It was previewed at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre on March 31, 2007. It was opened on April 22, 2007 and will run up to August 19, 2007. The duration of the show is 1 hour and 55 minutes.

There is a mad rush at the Bernard Theatre for tickets for David Frost Nixon Theatre. The theatre, itself, is a reflection of modern Spanish architecture. The original design of the theatre was given by Herbert J. Krapp. It was earlier called Royale Theatre. It was built in 1927 and renamed in 2005. However, from 1934-36, it was called John Golden Theatre.

The Bernard B. Jacobs Theater has 1078 seats. It includes 420 in the rear and front mezzanines and 612 in the orchestra. So, if you wish to have one of those 1078 seats, it’s better to order your tickets now. Once the house is full, which will happen quicker than anything else will, you will be left waiting and hoping.

So, pick up your phone and dial a number, or log on to the ticket booking sites. Don’t you want to see the ex-president of America confess his guilt in front of the whole world?