David Beckham – What’s it all about?

To watch David Beckham playing is to watch a master craftsman at work, perhaps even an artist! As European soccer mourns, The States awaits his arrival with many wondering why.

As we all know, soccer is continuing to grow in America and with the arrival of Beckham it’s about to get a nice boost. Even sports fans who don’t follow soccer are wondering what makes this guy so special.

You need to understand David Beckham the player to understand the phenomena that surrounds him. The reason he was loved by Manchester United fans, then England fans followed by Real Madrid fans had nothing to do with his skills, his hair, his wife etc.

The reason his fans love him and even supporters of rival teams admire him so much is because the guy just never gives up. His team can be 2 goals down with a few minutes left on the clock but Beckham will be running and chasing to win the ball. It is this will to win and belief in himself that will win over America’s arm chair sports fans. He plays with his heart on his sleeve and always has done.

It helps of course that he is the worlds best crosser of the ball as well as one of the worlds best free kick takers. These skills again show you Beckham’s mindset and determination. He was never a naturally skillful player in the mold of say a Pele or George Best and as a young lad in the youth team trying to break into Manchester United’s first team, e had a problem – he couldn’t beat a defender! Every time he tried to go round or past one he would lose the ball.

It became clear to Beckham that if he were to make the grade and catch the eye of the coach, Sir Alex Ferguson, he had to do something. He started staying behind after official practice had ended and would spend hours practising his crosses until he could play them with pinpoint accuracy. He also learnt the art of making the ball bend in the air and he practised this skill until their was none better in the world. Now he didn’t have to beat the defenders, now he would face the defense but instead of trying to run past them with the ball he would kick it around them and send it into the danger area landing it on the head or at the foot of a team mate.

With all this practice his dead ball shots also improved dramatically. He would hone is skills by shooting through car tyre’s that had been hung on rope from the cross bar and he soon established himself as the Manchester United and England free kick specialist. He is now regarded as one of the worlds finest and rightly so.

Europe’s loss is America’s gain and when America see’s David Beckham playing soccer for LA Galaxy they will soon understand why his fans in Europe rate him so high.