Dating Tips For Guys: 3 Basic Dating Tips Every Man Should Be Aware Of

Who needs dating tips for guys? Well, it’s for those who gets sweaty palms and succumbs into a semi-nervous breakdown just thinking about being with a girl. I know this sounds a bit exaggerated; but for many men out there, this is their reality.

Frankly, a lot of men fear rejection, embarrassment and even total humiliation. That’s just too bad because then they end up missing out on a lot of fun. If you find yourself in a similar situation and are in need of dating tips for guys, then you’ve come to the right place.

Dating Tip # 1 For Guys: Realize That Girls Are Humans Too.

Girls are not going to eat you up or dump their piña colada on your head when you approach them.

Once you realize that they’re just as normal as you are, then a portion of your nervousness should disappear. Girls are just as nervous and as afraid as you are. They’re just doing a better job of hiding it.

Dating Tip # 2 For Guys: Believe In Yourself.

A lot of guys who have trouble talking to girls have low self-esteem issues. The best thing to deal with this is to make a list of all your good points.

Do you have a nice smile, a great sense of humor, or a wit like no other? Then play up on these features. Use them as your tool. These days, girls don’t always go for the most handsome guy in the room. They’re now more attracted to different personalities.

Dating Tip # 3 For Guys: Suit Up.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to spruce yourself up. Girls won’t like you if you’re smelly and just plain dirty. Use deodorant and pop a fresh mint in your mouth before going out. Take the time to style your hair and be more conscious of your clothes. Wear clothes that fit you exactly and not those that are three sizes too big (or small).

Imagine how much time girls spend making themselves look good for you. It’s just right that you devote just as much time and effort to good grooming as well.

With these dating tips for guys, I wish you good luck on your endeavors. Don’t be too nervous. Relax and just have fun.