Darkness in Soul and Self

Influences have created a darkness that shadows his power to see the soul and self in full light. Humans tend to become mysteries, since the common person has not discovered the soul and self. For this reason, we must retrain the mind. By revealing the darkness in the mind, one can come to the light and see self as a whole.

How to discover what hides in the darkness:
In the subliminal mind, it is deep and dark. In this mind are hidden messages that the mind contains from past events, learning, experiences, teachings and other influential subjects that we had developed from observations and verbal communication.

Have you ever had a feeling that something was not right, yet you could not pinpoint the problem? You likely answered yes, unless you are one of the people that have developed a higher plane of conscious awareness. These feelings emerge from the heart, hit the sensory organs and ignite a flame, which triggers the emotions. At the time, the emotions are effortlessly struggling to interpret what messages were sent. Yet, the messages sent remain trapped in the subliminal mind. It takes you to challenge this mind in order to expand your knowledge and learn what causes these reactions.

The bible tells us in Mathews 5: 3, that “Happy are those conscious of their spiritual needs.” While many of our needs surface, we fall short of relating to most needs because it hides in the subliminal mind.

The dark tunnel (Subliminal mind) travels around however. Repetitively this mind will send signals, which one must become aware of, consciously analyzing this mind to discover what the messages send. Knowledge development, diligence and self-discipline are something we all must cultivate in order to read the messages in the subliminal mind. This is because of misleading factors in our environment; we must work diligently to abandon lies by establishing facts.

Understand the subliminal messages hide because the mind has trapped messages from external sources, including music, commercialism and so forth. In fact, commercials, music, et cetera as well as other resources signal the subliminal mind, through deceptive strategies. The approaches have proven effective, yet it has also proven damaging for many people.

Take advertisements for example. When you watch a good movie, the commercials will kick in when you are feeling curious. You have to watch the advertisement and wait for the movie to start again. You feel frustrated when the advertisement starts, so you anticipate returning back to the movie, yet your subliminal mind is taking in what the commercials are advertising. When the movie restarts, thus it begins with an overall view of the last event. This methods concept is to inspire the conscious mind again so that it takes interest in continuing watching the movie.

We see then, that the subliminal mind retains bits and pieces of learned information from observation and verbal messages. Thus, we must learn to focus on our learning by advancing our ability to concentrate and remain conscious of our actions, behaviors, habits, observation and so forth.

By doing so we can unveil the messages in the subliminal mind and once these messages are unveiled we can then analyze. Analyzing the messages involve gathering evidence to support the facts. When you have sound evidence to support the facts, only then can you keep the subliminal open to discuss what it attempts to hide. By revealing this compartment of the brain, one can see clearly the natural steps he must take to expose self and the soul. We encourage you to learn more about subliminal learning by visiting the Internet today.