Dark circles Diagnosis and Treatment

Dark circles under the eyes are an extremely common and distressing issue. Dark circles or eye circles are dark blemishes around the eyes. Heredity is the primary cause of dark circles. Exposure to sun especially during the summer months can make the skin under the eyes look darker. Any medications that cause blood vessels to dilate can cause circles under the eyes to darken. Because the skin under the eyes is very delicate, any increased blood flow shows through the skin. Dark circles are likely to become more noticeable and permanent with age. Excess folds of skin under the eyes will also make dark circles more pronounced. During pregnancy and menstruation the skin becomes pale and the veins under the skin become visible.

An unbalanced diet or lack of a nutritious diet can cause dark circles under the eye. Another cause of undereye circles is eyelid swelling during sleep. Dark circles can also run in families. In some rare cases, lack of vitamins can cause dark circles under the eyes. This is relatively uncommon. The best way to prevent dark circles under the eyes is to eat, drink and sleep well, reduce stress and combat fatigue. When dark circles do occur, this site offers natural, inexpensive (usually free) methods of reducing or curing them. Drinking plenty of fluids and a lot of rest can suffice. Make-up can be used to change the coloration of any exposed skin. Herbal tea bags are not useful as a remedy for dark circles, except for chamomile tea. Chamomile is an anti-inflammatory that can help reduce swelling and puffiness.

Dark circles Treatment and Prevntion Tips

1. Avoid dehydration from alcohol.

2. Cool chamomile tea bags on the eyes.

3. Drinking plenty of fluids and a lot of rest can suffice.

4. Go light on the salt. Salt promotes liquid retention.

5. You can also use raw potato or cucumber slices on the eyes. E

6. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to prevent the vitamin deficiencies.

7. Eat a lot of carrots, as it is rich in beta carotene – excellent for the skin and eyes.

8. Drink a lot of water (at least 0.5 ounces for each pound of your body weight) on a daily basis.