Dare To fail!

“If you want to succeed, Og Mandino advised, “You must learn to live with failure.”

I firmly believed that life is a game! That there are rules we should and must to learn and we need to follow in order to succeed. The rules are to learn, laugh at your own mistakes and failures, and make a glorious one!

So whatever adversities, setbacks and failures you will encounter, will come and meet along your way today, never be discouraged nor be hopeless and retreat. Instead, when tempted to give up, remind yourself again and again with these words: I am not a failure! Failure exists only in the grave!

So, as long as I am alive and kicking; as long as I have faith and believe in myself that I can succeed; as long as the whole part of my body still functioning and cooperating with me, I will proudly announce and declare this words to myself and to the world: I am not a failure! For failure exists only in the tomb! Therefore, I will move forward to make my every single dreams come true! For I know by daring to move forward, I will succeed.

Remember you can succeed for whatever your heart will desire as long as your dreams will not violate the rights of your fellowmen. For the kingdom of God is within you! What you need to do is know yourself; Know your potential; Know your power and polish it!

Know the purpose and desire of your heart. Learn to in tune yourself with the Infinite and promise yourself every single day that whatever problems, failures and adversity will come into your way, you will never give up! You will always dare to move forward to prove again to the world that you can rise above the ashes! That you are somebody; that there is an iron and gold in your mind. By always doing this to yourself, you will become unconquerable! You will become the leader and master among men…Yourself!

Finally, before we depart with each other, remember this inspiring word of Les Brown “shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it, you’ll land among the stars.”

Good luck to your journey in life and God bless!

Moises P. Reconalla

About the Author:

Moises P. Reconalla is the School Guidance Counselor at North Davao Colleges, Panabo City, Philippines.

All rights reserved worldwide. Copyright 2008 by Moises P. Reconalla

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