Dangers to Cockatiels

Dangerous Household Products to Cockatiels

There are many products in your house that are dangerous and lethal to your cockatiel. Knowing which products and what to look for is necessary. Having a healthy environment for your bird should be number one priority. Certain fumes, plants, foods, woods, and metals are toxic to your cockatiel and can cause serious injury or death. Take all necessary precautions to have the best bird proof home possible.

Cockatiels are allergic to many different types of woods and foods. Never assume that a piece of vegetable is safe just because it is same for humans. Cockatiel and human bodies have different ways of digesting foods, so a tasty treat for a human could be a devastating snack for a cockatiel. Never feed your cockatiel any of the following; chocolate, avocado, apple and pear seeds (all fruit seeds), eggplants, caffeine in any form, alcohol, onions etc. This is not a complete list of the toxic foods, so always check with your avian vet for a complete list.

Certain types of wood may also be toxic to cockatiels. Do not bring in a branch from outside as a perch unless you know what type of tree it is from. Here is a list of some woods that cockatiels should avoid oak, most fruit trees, red maple, black locust, yew etc. Even if the wood is safe, if any type of pesticides have been used on the tree, never place them in the cage. Pesticides alone will kill.

The silent killer bird owners are not aware of is the dangers of non-stick pans and pots. Once a non-stick pan is heated, it releases certain types of fumes that are deadly to all birds, not just cockatiels. Your bird may die within seconds or take up to 24 hours. This non-stick substance is called Polytetraflouethylene or PTFE for short. If you purchase new baking pans or even a bread machine check to see if PTFE is an ingredient in the non-stick surface. Throw away all non-stick pots and pans and move your bird to a location that is well ventilated and away from any fumes in the kitchen.

There many other dangers for pet cockatiels. Here are some random places your cockatiel could find himself in danger. Watch where you are walking because your bird may have jumped from his cage and onto the floor. Be careful whenever doing laundry that your bird does not jump into the clothes basket or even worse into the washer or dryer! This would be a horrible thing for your pet cockatiel. Keep the toilet seat and other areas of water closed off to your bird. Anything that would be considered a danger to a toddler is likely a danger to your cockatiel.

Source: https://positivearticles.com