Dangers of Your Smoking

The glamorous look that smoking has received hides a lot of the harmful effects. While we are told of the dangers of smoking it is seldom given much thought. On some distant plane of thought we all know that smoking any type of tobacco product has the potential to cause lots of respiratory problems as well as death.

These facts are for the most part given very little thought as we are being bombarded in one way or another with the image that smoking is very sophisticated. The reality of the matter is that the ingredients which you will find in the different brands of cigarettes are a lethal blend of poisons and carcinogens.

When you see people especially teenagers smoking you may not realize that you too are exposed to the dangers of smoking merely by being in that vicinity. This passive smoking is known as second hand smoke and it is just as dangerous as smoking. These are just a few of the many reasons why the dangers of smoking should not be underplayed.

For the person who is smoking there appears to be a sense of enjoyment and relaxation when they have a cigarette. The pose of relaxation is just a cover for the numerous dangers of smoking which are hidden by the image that is given for this product. These dangers will only manifest themselves after sufficient time has elapsed.

Now even though you might have an idea of the myriad dangers of smoking it is always a good idea to read as much information as you can. There are pamphlets which you can get from the doctors. Besides that you will find that you can read this information on the internet. Here you will discover numerous sites which tell you of the dangers of smoking. You can also look for a list of the ingredients which are found in cigarettes.

While technology may be advancing the dangers of smoking are not revealed to us in their full horror. Even the deaths which have been caused by this substance have not been highlighted as the people who are addicted to cigarettes have no idea of the harmful toxins that they are sending into the environment and our lives.

For the most part you will not be informed about the dangers of smoking when you begin smoking. These warnings will only come if you see a doctor about certain problems you might be experiencing with your health.