Dangers of Online Dating

The Top 3 Dangers of Online Dating

Nearly everyone has heard online dating horror stories. Perhaps a friend has gotten involved with a married man she met online? Or perhaps a friend fell victim to serial online dating syndrome? Here is an overview of three of the most important dangers of online dating that you should be aware of.

1. Dating married men and women
Online dating provides a huge degree of anonymity that is alluring to many individuals that seek companionship and the thrill of dating. Many people have used the medium to find companionship in individuals that they can trust and that they grow to love. However, studies have showed that there is an overwhelming proportion of individuals that meet married men and women online, though they pose as single.

If you become interested in someone and he or she claims to be single, make sure that he or she truly is. Assess their behavior – are you invited to his or her house? Is he or she able to make last minute plans? Is he or she available for a chat just about any time of the day? Do you have his or her home phone number? Address? If you have most of these things after you have been seeing him or her for a while, then you can relax – the person you’re dating is most likely honest with you.

However, if your significant other is not forthcoming with any or all of these needs, then you may want to proceed with caution in this relationship, as it does not appear to be fully open and honest.

2. Dating criminals
Sadly, there is an overwhelming number of criminals, including child molesters and sex offenders, who seek love online. The best advice when pursuing any sort of relationship with a new person, whether you meet him or her in a bar or online, is to proceed slowly and with caution.

If you have children that use the Internet, it is important that you monitor their use and talk to them about the dangers of getting involved with online relationships. Let them know that if they are ever approached for sex or for a relationship online, they need to alert you at once. Consider setting up a monitoring system or some sort of blocking software to prevent your child from falling victim to an online predator.

3. Becoming a serial online dater
While somewhat less serious than falling victim to an online predator or a married person, serial online dating is a symptom that you may have a dangerous psychological resistance to form lasting relationships. Therefore, it is important that if you feel that your relationships have become imbalanced, with the bulk of your focus on online dating, you seek alternative relationships. Take a date out for dinner or spend more time with friends. It is important that you avoid becoming a closed – off individual that relies on the anonymity of the Internet to form relationships. Real life is always better when it comes to long-term satisfaction.

Source: https://positivearticles.com