Danger Is Real But Fear Is A Choice

Fear unfortunately propels many a behavior. We avoid things. We put things off and procrastinate. We create problems for ourselves where there should not be problems. We compound problems that could easily be solved. Much of the time the reason for these issues is in reality this one incredibly powerful four-letter word. Fear.

Ironically we do not have to be gripped in itÂ’s vice like clutches. Fear is in fact a choice. Danger is something that one should be aware of as opposed to being afraid of.

“Feel the fear and do it anyway” is no doubt a phrase that you have heard uttered. You probably muttered a few choice phrases beneath your breath in response! “It’s easy to say this when you aren’t really afraid”, is probably what you were thinking.

Fear is something that is triggered instinctively. It is part and parcel of our primary instinct to survive. You might say it is a primitive instinct. In fact it is so deeply embedded into our psyche that it comes upon us instinctively and automatically. We feel our bodily senses tuning up and shifting into “red alert”.

But this bodily reaction is not intended to hold us back and debilitate us. Rather, it is intended to empower, strengthen and enable us. When thought about and dealt with in the most productive way, fear does indeed mutate into an incredibly positive and powerful energy force. We have the choice to use “fear” in a positive manner or to simply allow it to take over and control us.

When a reaction comes upon us instinctively it can be quite difficult to “catch it” and prevent it from overtaking us. Fear, after all, can just happen as quickly as you can blink your eyes. Thus forward planning is required if you wish to change the effect of this energy force from negative to positive.

In interviews with super successful people you will generally hear them reference the fact that one of their greatest motivating forces was in fact fear of failure. Their fear drove them to work harder and leave no stone unturned. This is a great example of how a potential negative force can be turned into a powerfully positive motivating factor.

There are many different types of fears and phobias. For those who wish to overcome their fears, hypnosis can become a very effective tool to use.

I can hear what you are saying now. “But what if I”m afraid of hypnosis?” Many people are afraid of hypnosis but their fear is not logical. A fear of hypnosis can only be rooted in a lack of knowledge as to what hypnosis really is. Thus I would urge you to Google hypnosis and read published research articles from reliable sources, such as Stanford, Harvard, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, etc.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis mp3 downloads to help overcome fears and achieve your true potential.

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