Daegan Smith – How You Can Generate 1,000 Leads Per Day on Autopilot

Not long a go, I participated in a Daegan Smith instructional webinar where I learned a bunch of beneficial tips to grow your business online.

Daegen Smith? Who is this guy?

Daegan Smith is an online marketer. Daegan has produced up to 2600 leads online in just one day without affiliate programs. Every day he generates hundreds to thousands of leads. He has recruited over 3000 people to his MLM company. All without picking up the phone to speak to a prospect.

Let’s start with Daegan’s tale. He started on the web about 5 years ago at the age of 24. Like most, he had a job. While thinking in the shower one morning, Daegan was hit with the fact that he had been operating in the exact same routine for the past 6 months. Looking into the future, Daegan saw the same thing indefinitely – trading time at a job that was not his passion with tiny pay raises until he died. The realization freaked him out. He needed to change his career.

Daegan began watching infomercials on TV and decided to leap into real estate and purchased an apartment building. At a real estate seminar he learned of affiliate marketing on the internet.

In Year One, he went down several roads. He attempted anything and everything to see what would generate income. He earned a few small commissions which helped his belief. But nothing major.

He ultimately located a a coach who described why people fail They just don’t focus. By then he had been introduced to network marketing. He chose to learn how to become a network marketer and show people how to build a business.

Daegan quickly figured out that to develop your business, you need a LOT of leads.

He researched the web to find out what people were doing to acheive success. He modeled strategies that looked strong both online and offline. He determined you must have a few simple things.

1. A Lead Squeeze Page to find new leads
2. An Auto Responder to communicate and develop relationships with those leads
3. A Direct Response Sales Letter to create conversions

Those are the easy, external must haves for your business. But there are also some internal things you require:

Why does your business even exist? The leading mistake people make is not defining a clear reason for their business. You need to be absolutely focused on what drives you. Don’t head down the highway without a map!

Knowing who you are and what you are doing will effortlessly draw the right folks into your team.

YOU are the next factor! You absolutely have to be yourself. As yourself, you are good enough. Enjoy yourself! Trust in who you are and be passionate about your journey and people will easily be attracted to you.

Daegan also says you must enjoy learning new things. Pay attention and learn from others who have the skills or experience you need. Find a coach or a mentor. Be willing to do what it takes to accomplish your goals. Remain positive and active and you will acheive the results you seek.

Lastly, you must be fearless. In other words, acknowledge the fear, but take action and defeat it. You will grow and become comfortable.

Daegan advises using a Micro – Macro strategy. He starts out small and then scales it up. This is what he advises:

* Begin somewhere, anywhere – don not worry if it is not perfect.
* Learn what is required to start from training or reading. Understand your true mastery will come from experience where you develop an intuitive feel for what is effective and what is not.
* Get skilled and begin creating traffic
* Try out various things (offers, fonts and colors) and record your trials for additional refinement.
* When you get it dialed in it is time to scale up. Get yourself out of the way by developing automatic systems and go work on the next thing.

At the end, Daegen came back to focus. Focus your efforts on generating leads, developing relationships and making money now. If you do this, there is no competition for your business. It does not exist out there. Only in your mind can you be beaten.