Cycles of a Cat in Heat

Discuss the various aspects of a cat in heat through pregnancy

Here are some myths you need to discard. The first is about cat’s heat period. The idea about a mating season for cats is bull craps. Some cats are in heat three, four and sometimes even five times a year, others only two times. However, it is true that many cats are in heat in spring and summer, but don’t bet your money on this.

The second myth is about a female cat bleeding when she is in heat. It’s simply not true. If she bleeds shortly after heat cycle, then it can only indicate only one thing miscarriage.

When a female cat is pregnant, the best places to look for tell tale signs are the nipples. This becomes pink about three weeks after mating. The color change is most visible the first time the cat is pregnant. From that moment onwards it will takes six weeks before the kittens arrive.

The gestation period for cats is a short one. For the uninitiated, gestation is the time or period from conception to birth. On the average it is about sixty five [65] days. Like human’s variations are not unusual, so the whole gestation period may be as short as 61 days or as long as 69 days.

Most cats are physically able to get pregnant when they are only six or seven months old, while in some cats, they attain the age of one year before they have their first heat cycle, it all depends on individual cat.

Although the moment of the first heat cycle may vary, but there is consensus that the best breeding period for cats is when they are a little older, why? Because studies show that many younger cats are not always good mothers. Their maternal instincts seem to be developed when they are one year old or older.

During pregnancy some cats are noticed to have worms, is your cat in a similar situation? Don’t ask me what to do, because it is a catch twenty-two situation.

Remember, worms such as hookworms, which is the most common in the animal kingdom are very deadly, but the use of drugs to combat these parasites is frowned upon when cats are pregnant.

What to do? Some deworming products are safe to use in pregnant cats up to two weeks before birth. Treatments do not have to be harmful, but it depends on the products and the stage of pregnancy.

A word of caution though; always ask your vets for advice before you buy deworming tablets. However, generally, you shouldn’t use medicines in pregnant cats. So deworming during pregnancy is not recommended. Deworming always carries a risk.

On the other hand, Truth need be told. The consequences of not deworming are not pleasant either. Mother cats can pass worms on to the kittens through the womb.

So who is the father of the unborn kittens? Can a cat have more than one father per kitten? Absolutely possible. Chances of this happening? Very slim. A female cat releases her eggs about 24 hours after mating. If she mated with more than one cat within these 24 hours, there can be two, three or even four different fathers.

Finally, your cat spruces up seven kittens, congratulations. But have you given a thought about how soon she can be knocked up again? The answer is she can get pregnant again ANYTIME. It is not unusual for cats to come into hest a few days after giving birth. The solution? Keep the mother cat indoors, and away from non-castrated tom cats.

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