Cutting Energy Waste To Save Money

Unless you live in a cave, you have probably noticed the cost of energy has been going through the roof. Whether it is high prices at the pump or your utility bill, it makes sense to take steps to cut energy waste and save some money. Here are a few things you can do:

1. If one part of your home gets toasty while another stays cold, you can circulate the heat using your heating system. Instead of turning on the heater, just turn on the fan. This saves money and should even out the temperature in your house.

2. When considering the layout of solar panels on your home, it is vital that you consider how to maximize the exposure to the sun. This is known as “orienting” and involves placeing the panels in such a position that they receive as much sun as possible.

3. If your heater is coming on in your house frequently, you have an insulation problem. A good test is to light incense that burns with a colored cloud. Walk around the house and see where the cloud moves.

4. Consolidate Your Errands – Every time you head out to run errands, you are eating up your car fuel. Try to do all your errands at just one time.

5. Self Laundry Costs – 80 percent of energy costs for doing laundry come from heating the water. Switch to cold water detergents and flip off the heat. You can knock the bill down 80 percent.

6. Heating Two Story Homes – Heat moves up, so you can manipulate it with your multi-level home. Close all vents other than on the lowest floor. Heat will migrate up and you will spend less.

7. Heating Bottom Floors – If you have a multi-level home, heating the bottom floor can be a bear. To keep rooms warm and avoid a sauna on the top floors, close all doors for the rooms on the bottom floor when the heat is on.

8. Window Energy Wasters – If you turn on the heater or air conditioning, make sure all your windows are really closed. Most sliding windows will catch just before actually closing because of their locking mechanism.

9. Thermostat Control – Your thermostat is the method to control much of your home energy costs. Turning it down a measly three degrees can cut your energy bill by 10 percent.

10. Changing Car Filters – Two energy wasters on your car are the fuel filter and air filter. Change them every 3,000 to 6,000 miles. Any oil change location can do it.

None of these changes will save you big bucks in the next month. Over time, however, they can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings. Every incremental change saves you money each and every month.