Cutting Edge Football With Indianapolis Colts Tickets

Indianapolis Colts tickets have become one of the most popular football tickets in recent times. Football enthusiasts from across the country don’t mind lining up to see the Colts live in action. This is because the Colts have established themselves as a championship team. Despite some initial slumps and an occasional controversy, the Colts are a team that canters well ahead of the competition.

The Indianapolis Colts play for the National Football League and are also affiliated with American Football Conference and the AFC South. The team has an impressive collection of championship wins. They have two Super Bowl wins to their name as well as three NFL titles. They also have six Conference championships and eleven Divisional championship wins to their name. Their home turf is the RCA Dome.

The Greatest

The Colts were born as the Baltimore Colts in 1953. The team seemed destined for greatness from the beginning, as they beat the New York Giants in a 1958 championship game that is often referred to as ‘The Greatest Game Ever Played’. The Colts showed absolutely no signs of slowing down and were soon called ‘the greatest pro football team of all time’. Some cynics may argue that any label like that is hasty but it aptly describes the Colts’ playing prowess at the time.

In the seventies, the Colts distinguished themselves by having one of the best defensive line-ups in the NFL, headed by Bert Jones and called the Sack Pack. However in the following years, things began to go wrong for the Colts. Not only the defensive line but the offensive line up also began to weaken. It seemed like things couldn’t get any worse for the team on the field. And then things changed off the field.

In The Still Of The Night

Off the field, the team was battling with the city in order to get a new stadium and other concessions. Things had reached the point where the team’s owner said he would relocate the team if their demands were not met. The city threatened to seize the team and the owner began clandestine talks with the city of Indianapolis. Then, in one of the most controversial moves in the NFL, the Baltimore Colts were packed and moved in the middle of the night to Indianapolis.

Needless to say, there was widespread outrage from Baltimore fans and players alike. However Indianapolis was more than happy to have the Colts and people began lining up for Indianapolis Colts tickets. But the team seemed shaken up and couldn’t find their footing on the field. Despite the high number of fans buying Indianapolis Colts tickets, the team could only manage a few wins in their first years in Indianapolis. In 1998, the team’s fortunes were drastically turned around under Jim Isray. From a team that was struggling from 1984 to 1997 with only 90 wins out of 228 games, Isray helped make the Colts a team that has an all-time winning percentage. No wonder so many football lovers line up for Indianapolis Colts tickets.

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