Cutting Edge Basketball With Cleveland Cavaliers Tickets

If you have got your hands on some Cleveland Cavaliers tickets you know you’re in for some really exciting basketball action. The Cavs have had a rich career so far, making waves both on the court and off it. They have fielded some famous basketball icons and some infamous owners. They have also been party to some spectacular NBA legendary games and moments.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are based in Cleveland, Ohio and play their home games at the Quicken Loans Arena. The team plays as a part of the National Basketball Association and is also a part of the Central Division and Eastern Conference. The team has so far chalked up one conference win and one division title.

A Stumbling Start

The Cavs were born in 1970 and started things off with a league worst record of 15-67. It would take a few seasons before the team began to become sure of its footing and show better performances on the court. Simultaneously, sales of Cleveland Cavaliers tickets also began to rise. By 1974, the Cavs had improved enough to miss the playoffs by just a narrow margin. The following year, the team won a series of games against the Washington Bullets in what has been known as the ‘Miracle of Richfield’. The name was given in light of the many last second shots and plays that characterized the series.

In the eighties, sales of Cleveland Cavaliers tickets were climbing as the Cavs showed more and more promise on the courts. Though they couldn’t seem to make it past the playoffs, they were certainly emerging as a team to contend with. However new management was in the offing and Ted Stepien entered the scene- his notorious trading practices were the cause of the creation of the Ted Stepien Rule. He also wanted to have a polka-based fight song for the team. Needless to say, things were on a chaotic bend and sales of Cleveland Cavaliers tickets began to fall. In the 1981 season, the Cavs hit rock bottom with one of the NBA’s longest losing streaks.

Great Games, Great Players

As expected, the team got a thorough shakedown and between 1983 and 1993 the team went through a rebuilding process. They were involved in one of the most talked-about matches in NBA history against the Bulls, when Michael Jordan seemed to be suspended in the air, right before making a basket. By 2003, the team had a good defensive line up and seemed ready to do some damage. Enter LeBron James.

When James joined the Cavs, Cleveland Cavaliers tickets sales went through the roof. James was a superstar in the making and he did not disappoint. Along with a number of other players, LeBron formed the core of the team that transformed the Cavs into a truly winning team. In 2007, the team snagged their first conference title win, their first big win after a division title win way back in 1976.

The Cavs are poised for some very big wins in the near future. The team is stronger than it’s ever been and they are now poised to snag the big championship win. Make sure you’re there to watch it all happen. Get online with an authorized ticket vendor and get your Cleveland Cavaliers tickets.