Cut And Clarity – So Important To Understand While Buying Diamonds

The diamond is a very precious and rare gemstone. Besides the cut and carat, clarity is also an important aspect of this gem. If you are planning on purchasing a diamond then you need to have a basic idea of clarity grading.

It is not difficult to learn how to grade a diamond’s clarity. Basically, you need to consider two important factors: diamonds have some visual blemishes and inclusions and the clarity. A diamond’s clarity is broken into various subcategories.

There are many buyers who feel that clarity of a diamond means how clear it looks. But this is not the case because clarity basically means the external and internal imperfections found in a diamond. Grades like IF or FL (internally flawless or flawless) is given to the best diamonds and it means that they are prefect. I-1, I-2 or I-3 grades are given to diamonds that are not perfect.

Some of the other grades provided to diamonds are VVS1 and VVS2. These grades mean that the diamond has a very slight imperfection. VS1 and VS2 refer to very slight imperfection; SI-1 and SI-2 refer to slight imperfections in diamonds.

Today, you can choose from a wide variety of diamond cuts. The cut of a diamond is basically the shape into which this gem is cut. The shape a diamond is cut into impacts its sparkle and beauty. Heart, pear, oval, marquise, round, princess, emerald and trillion are some of the popular diamond cuts.

If diamonds do not have a good shape there will be no sparkle. One more factor that is very important is the actual cutting, which means the finesse offered by the diamond cutter. In case of a poor cut, there will be no sparkle and shine because the gem will not be able to reflect light successfully.

In the diamond industry, cut does not mean the shape of the diamond. Instead, it means the width, depth, durability, clarity, brilliance and several other features of the stone. There are some common cutting problems like an off or missing center culet or misalignment, diamonds that are too thin or too thick, broken culets or cracks. When you shop for diamonds always choose a shape, which grabs your attention, but do not forget to look at other diamonds of the same shape too, in order to find the best cut and sparkle.

Always remember that a jeweler should not push you into spending a lot of money on buying a diamond just because it belongs to a particular brand. Many unscrupulous jewelers use this as a trick with buyers who are not aware about diamonds; the cut and clarity.

The brilliance of a diamond is very important because it is one factor that contributes a lot to the beauty of this stone. It is the diamond’s life because when this gem explodes with light it catches everyone’s attention. So the next time you plan on buying a diamond make sure that you have some basic idea about the cut and clarity so that you get a diamond worth your money.