Customizing Your Jewelry For That Exclusive Look

Boucheron, Faberge, Cartier, and Tiffany were all highly acclaimed impresarios in the world of high fashion jewelry designing. Very often exquisite pieces of jewelry designed by these master jewelers were privately commissioned, commemorating a special event or person.

Special people like Czar Nicholas of Russia, Rockefellers, and Vanderbilts were some of the lucky few. The special events that were often commemorated were birthdays, marriages, and anniversaries. However, you need not be the Czar of Russia, eat caviar at the Ritz, or own a luxurious yacht to get hold of a piece of custom jewelry. All you need is a stylish sense of design, an appreciation of well-crafted jewelry and imagination.

Whenever you create a piece of custom jewelry, the jeweler and you should consider three essential elements.


The design you chose should reflect your lifestyle and taste. Discuss with the jeweler about your requirements and the possible solution and subsequently create a piece that enhances your ideas. Be wary of jewelry designers who claim to know exactly what you wish to create and instead work from catalogues of overdone commercial designs.

Gemstones and Metals

The beauty of the precious metals and gemstones used in custom jewelry is essential for the way your customized piece of jewelry is made. Apposite selection of the kind of metals used has a major impact on the beauty, value, and longevity of the piece. It is always advisable to work with independent gemologists who can help in locating and acquiring the appropriate gemstones that suit the design and make it look good.


After selecting the metal, gemstones and design the next step would be hiring the services of a goldsmith who would transform your design into reality, a breathtaking beauty. However, it is quite difficult to find a goldsmith with extraordinary craftsmanship. Many goldsmiths work sparingly with the labor and time was well as the quality of metals needed for the creation of the jewelry. Always ask for sample jewelry items or references before hiring the goldsmith.

Cost for Customization

Goldsmiths translate your passion and idea into your customized jewelry, a jewel that has value, lasting beauty and personal sentiments. The quality of the piece and the type of customization you wish will involve your shelling out only a few dollar extra compared to the standard pieces.

It might go on to a few thousand dollars if you wish for a completely unique designer piece, with superior quality gemstones and metals. The more intricate design you choose, the more expensive would your jewelry cost. This would also affect the quality of gems and metals you choose.

You can choose to customize the jewelry either when it is created or make a new one according to your design. In general, large pieces like necklaces and rings are comparatively easy to alter whereas small earrings could be tough to customize, especially when they have already been crafted.

By identifying the various kinds of jewelry that can be customized and what every customization signifies, it is an easy task to create a unique piece of jewelry that would be both stylish and meaningful for years to come.