Customer Relationships and the Important Element of Trust

Good Customer Relationships are sort after by all serious business organisations, who know that it is fundamental to their overall business success.

And the most Important Element of a good Customer Relationship is Trust.

But Trust has to be built on strong foundations that will last and can weather the harshest conditions in the intensity of business and Trust has to be earned.

The commencement of Trust is usually formulated by the existing Personal Relationships that are known, but seldom explored between many business companies and their Customer’s organisations.

The establishment of a documented Mutual Understanding between your company and your Customers is needed to agree on the requirements that your Customers have and the way your company will respond to those requirements.

Shared Objectives have to be discussed and agreed so that the long term plans for joint project implementations can be envisioned.

Commitment by both parties is essential, not just the Customer’s commitment to order from your company, or your company’s commitment to deliver, but in all aspects of the relationship.

For continuity of the Trust in the relationship between your company and your Customers, there needs to be a set of Realistic Expectations, your Customer may demand and you will find it difficult to say no, but Honesty is an integral part of Trust and your Customer will respect that, if they want the relationship to be built on Trust.

People are the determining factor in any Trust Relationship and it is the actions of your company’s People, or the Customer’s People that will decide if the outcome is to be successful or is doomed to failure. Communication from the top within your company’s organisation and the Customer’s organisation will ensure that all of the People involved in the Trust Relationship have an agreed understanding.

Politics can play a part in making a cohesive Trust Relationship, but there must not be any Hidden Agendas and both parties must Keep Promises that they have made to each other, or the Trust Relationship will be destroyed.

The emphasis must be on Joint Success, both parties must realise a true win situation and both parties should gain the benefits, only that way will the Trust Relationship be maintained.

There is a wealth of Knowledge within both of your organisations and there is nothing more accurate than the accumulated Knowledge from a Trust Relationship such as the one between your company and your Customers.

Sharing of that Knowledge is paramount to the enduring continuity of the Trust Relationship and it will help both your company and the Customer’s organisation to do business on a more informed basis and at a higher intellectual level.

Making Connections at all Levels between your organisation and the Customer’s organisation will not only reinforce the Trust Relationship, but it will make it much smoother to do business and enhance the Performance of each organisation’s People, allowing them to be more productive and creative.

Create an Environment of Openness, so that everyone can feel comfortable and in which it will allow them to express themselves freely, this will mean that the communication between your company’s People and the Customer’s People will be honest and trustworthy.

In a Trust Relationship, your Customers will confide in you and let you know the timing of their decisions in advance, which will mean that your company does not waste resources unnecessarily and your overall costs will be reduced.

In a Trust Relationship, your company will be given preferential treatment by your Customers, over your competitors and your Customers may well ask you to review your competitor’s offers to determine if they can be trusted.

Trust ensures the right conditions for High Performance within your company and people, which in turn is reflected by more Profitability and increased Customer Value, which guarantees continued business activities and a prosperous outcome for both parties.

Trust can take a long time to be achieved, but it can be lost in an instant, don’t become complacent and think that your company does not have to put the same effort into the Customer Relationships, protect it, nurture it and make Trust the most Important Element in your Customer Relationships.