Custom Presentation Folders

A Guide to Using Custom Presentation Folders

Custom presentation folders may cost more than usual, but they also provide more benefits for the company.

Benefits of Having Custom Presentation Folders
A custom presentation folder possesses the exact design, style, and function you wish to have. Every aspect of it is under your control, allowing you to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Secondly, custom presentation folders can give your listeners a favorable impression of your company; if you cared enough to ensure the best quality for your presentation folders, what more if we’re already talking about the products and services you’re offering?

A Guide to Using Custom Presentation Folders

Step 1 The first design factor you should concentrate on is choosing the right materials for your custom presentation folders. There are two elements you should consider when selecting the right material: the paper’s finish and color.

Finish – Folders may have glossy, linen, or felt finish. Glossy finishes are smooth and shiny. They feel like the cardboard cover of a magazine. They are quite expensive but this is easily offset by its sophisticated look and feel.

Glossy finishes are best used for custom presentation folders containing images on the front. Glossy finishes will, however, show fingerprints and especially so when they possess dark colors.

Linen finishes may not be shiny but they nonetheless exude a classic appeal and are nice to touch as well. They are less expensive but do not look cheap. Linen is commonly associated with stationery used by wealthy individuals and professionals in the banking, business, and legal industry. Linen finishes have a more serious look than glossy finishes. The only disadvantage to using linen finishes for your presentation folder is that the lines present on its surface make it slightly difficult to print completely clear images and text.

Last but not the least is felt. A felt finish for your presentation folder won’t be shiny either but it does offer the richest texture, similar to what would carpet feel like. Felt finishes are elegant to look at. Similar to linen finishes, images do not appear as beautifully as it should with felt finishes.

Color – The field of color psychology focuses on the impact of colors on a person’s moods. Although the effects of color on moods and attitudes may not have been fully proven yet, it is nonetheless difficult to dispute recent evidence. Researches show, for instance, that red tend to be more attention-grabbing, yellow can indicate cheerfulness, while green is considered to be a good reminder about the environment.

You should therefore take your time choosing the right color or combination for your presentation folder. Besides deciding on the shades, you should also consider its hue or how dark or bright the colors should be since this can affect the user’s impressions as well. If your business presentation is about promoting a certain resort, you’d either want your folder to remind listeners about the warm glow of sunshine or the tranquility of white sand and blue-green waters.

Step 2 Ordinary presentation folders tend to be letter or legal-size. Sometimes, you’d be lucky enough to find folders corresponding to A4 size. With custom company folders, however, you can choose the exact dimensions for your folder.

Step 3 Last but not the least, you can choose the design of your folder. You could add an image, logo, or text to your folder. How big or small your graphic or text is could also affect the impression of your listener so take care to choose the appropriate size.