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Custom Home Features | Must-Have Features for Your New House

Must-Have Features for Your Luxury Custom Home

Building a new house is an exciting journey. The fresh start allows you to either follow hot trends or imbue a touch of personal style into your home or both. Should you go for a minimalist or flashy aesthetic? Is an open floor plan a good idea, or will more distinct spaces work better? Does a functional room design outweigh a glamorous but inefficient one?white and brown concrete building

You get to choose the designs, the furnishings, and the fixtures, all depending on your taste. The possibilities are endless, so long as the options fit your budget. But if you need ideas for luxury custom home features, look no further. Here are a few design trends you could integrate into your new custom home.

Home Offices With Custom Built-Ins

In the past two years, most people have transitioned into a work-from-home setup. A home office is a good addition that gives you a dedicated space for your work responsibilities. You can ask your builder to create a dual office if there are two working professionals in your home. You can also request custom built-in areas, such as a study space for children’s schoolwork.

Spa-Like Bathroom

Getting a spa treatment is a stress-relieving gift for your body and mind. Why go outside when you can pamper yourself in the comfort of your home?

Spa features are a posh fixture in luxury bathrooms of high-end modern homes. You’d want to invest in specialized equipment to enjoy the soothing experience. These wellness additions include saunas, steam rooms, heated floors, soaker tubs, towel warmers, and large shower spaces.

Some homeowners go the extra mile by installing waterproof screen mirrors with built-in TV technology. A spa-like bathroom may be a bit expensive, but nothing beats getting a reinvigorating treat at the end of a long day.

Quartz for Kitchen and Bathroom Surfaces

Quartz is a long-time staple of standard American countertops. The classic material has a sleek quality that fits almost any aesthetic. Aside from requiring low maintenance, it is also very durable, non-porous, and stain-resistant. Compared to natural stone, quartz also has a variety of colors, giving you a wide range of options.

Shop around for quartz tiles for your kitchen’s backsplash and countertops and your bath’s floors and walls. The crystalline stone will surely add a polished finish to your custom home’s surfaces.

Smart Home Technology

Improve your house’s performance with the installation of smart home features. Cutting-edge technology can make your everyday life smoother through better functionality and efficiency.

Boost your security with motion sensor lighting and a surveillance system you can access through your phone. Save money with smart thermostats that automatically adjust the temperature for better energy consumption. You can also have an ergonomic bathroom with toilets that have heated seats and foot warmers. Whether it’s for fun or function, smart tech makes your house better and a bit cooler than your neighbor’s.

Dedicated Gym Room

A home gym is a design trend that benefits you in the long run. It’s an addition that can help you meet your fitness goals, even if you don’t have time to go to a health club. A dedicated workout space can accommodate exercise machines, weights, dumbbells, and sports accessories. Just make sure that your gym has concrete floors instead of wood panels for all the heavy equipment.

Outdoor Living Spaces

A seamless flow between the indoors and outdoors is popular among modern home layouts. This model is due to the increased interest in making exterior parts of the home a habitable environment.

Make the most of your yard and ask your builder to create spaces for entertaining guests. You can have brunch with your friends at an outdoor lounge spot. Or, you can organize a Sunday picnic and grill the perfect barbecue with an outdoor kitchen. 

Another idea is to plan a custom pool or an outdoor jacuzzi where you can chill with your family during the weekends. You can also opt for recreational areas like a sports court or a playground with jungle gyms for children.

Get in Touch With a Custom Home Builder in Your Area

Your dream home may be similar to other houses, but its details will always be uniquely yours. If any of this guide’s design choices work with your vision, be sure to take notes and show them to your builder.

If you need help with custom home features, don’t hesitate to call a pro. Reach out to a residential building expert to get quality service for your house. Your home builder would be there for you from start to finish, ensuring that all the features you choose are built with an ergonomic finish. You can also pick their mind about the design and construction process and ask for tips for maintaining your humble abode.